Mapped: Texas’ Crisis Pregnancy Centers Versus Ambulatory Surgical Centers Providing Abortions

Last month, Whole Woman’s Health, a Texas-based group of reproductive health centers, began an online chronicle of its efforts to comply with, and challenge, Texas’ newly passed HB 2, the omnibus anti-abortion bill that increases restrictions and regulations on abortion providers in the state.

Two of the law’s provisions—a ban on abortion after 20 weeks and a requirement that abortion providers secure hospital admitting privileges—go into effect on November 1, while abortion clinics have until September 2014 to meet the standards required of ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). The ASC provision is expected to shutter all but six of Texas’ existing abortion facilities, with only the facilities currently operating as ASCs remaining open after September 2014.

With 61 days left before the November deadline, Whole Woman’s Health began mapping the locations of Texas’ crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), plotting 108 centers so far. That number is especially sobering when compared to a map of the six abortion facilities that are expected to remain open after September 2014.

CPC map 1

A map of the six abortion facilities in Texas that are expected to remain open after September 2014.

CPCs in Texas provide no medical services, are often state-funded (to the tune of $26.3 million since 2005), and are expressly purposed to dissuade pregnant Texans from choosing abortion, usually through religious counseling.

With so many crisis pregnancy centers and so few licensed abortion providers, future abortion-seeking Texans could easily be misled by religious-driven centers offering pregnancy tests and counseling, but no scientifically sound medical advice or services.

From the Whole Woman’s Health blog:

If you or someone you know is seeking an abortion, always make sure and check that the clinic you are going to is an abortion facility and not a CPC. Even if you search for abortion on Google, you are likely going to see ads for ‘free pregnancy tests’ that are coming from CPCs right next to the ads for actual licensed abortion clinics.

Mapping CPCs is just one part of what Whole Woman’s Health has been doing in advance of the implementation of HB 2. On August 14, 77 days before abortion providers in Texas must secure admitting privileges at a local hospital, Whole Woman’s Health lost as an employee a doctor who resigned because of concerns about “the uncertainty of [his or her] employment status in Texas.”

With 75 days to go before the deadline, the provider received this email from a former patient, who wrote, “I am forever grateful for the treatment I received while there.”

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  • fiona64

    CPCs rely on misleading advertising to get women through their doors … and on bullying and belligerence to keep them there. Until, of course, the woman agrees to surrender an infant for adoption — and then she’s dropped like a hot rock as soon as the kid is in the hands of the adoption mill.

    • HeilMary1

      And many of those stolen and sold infants end up trafficked by pedophile, slave labor and organ harvesting rings.

  • Donnie McLeod

    Conservative Christians depend on personal crisis as opportunities to safe those who have not yet been born again. An unwanted pregnancy is such a personal crisis. Think of these 100 or so store fronts as tax funded born again replicators. The financial and emotional costs are immaterial when weighed against the value of a soul freed from eternal damnation. All it takes is one conversion to justify the cost in the minds of the Christian conservative in their war on secularism.

    • fiona64

      That’s how all cult-like organizations work, to be honest.

    • colleen2

      I’m not too worried about CPC’s converting anyone. They aren’t after the women. These are Republicans. They want to steal the baby.

  • MsInformed

    Crisis Pregnancy Centers take very little overhead

  • BigBuck

    People who want civil rights should leave Texas, that’s the lesson here.

  • Minecraft Juegos

    the world’s population is growing unexpectedly, the country would have hoped but positive policies to improve this phenomenon. Thank you.

  • fiona64

    Those aren’t CPCs in which she has an interest; they are ambulatory surgical centers.

    I mean, she may have interest in CPCs as well … but it’s the ASCs in which she is a controlling partner.

  • Dez

    I hate CPCs with a passion. They are Christian religious indoctrination centers that lie to women with inaccurate medical information.

    • Ella Warnock

      And are shameless baby traffickers for Good Christian Couples (TM).

      • goatini

        $10K-$50K for each sellable unit of inventory seized from the gestational slavery victim.

  • Born again cynic

    We havelittof those “clinics” here. Big neon sign “free pregnancy test”. All they do is quote a Bible and hand out creepy little plastic fetuses.

  • Frances Gandy Walsh

    They are are NOT helping, they are liars…………and we need to make sure they do not use taxpayers monies, not one penny. Shut them down, and open up professional women’s health centers.

  • Ebog

    Abortions? Too badly