• ml66uk

    The last figure I saw was 54%, but the real question is why is the rate still so high. The USA and Israel are the only two countries in the world where more than half of baby boys are circumcised. Other countries circumcise, but not till anywhere from the age of seven to adolescence.

    Drops in male circumcision since 1950:
    Canada: from 48% to 17%
    UK: from 35% to about 5% (about 1-2% among non-Muslims)
    Australia: 90% to 12.4% (“routine” circumcision has recently been *banned* in public hospitals in all states)
    New Zealand: 95% to below 3% (mostly Samoans and Tongans)
    South America and Europe: never above 5%

    An equally valid question would be why did people start having genital surgery on baby boys in the first place. It’s worth remembering that no-one except for Muslim and Jewish people would even be having this discussion if it weren’t for the fact that 19th century doctors thought that :
    a) masturbation caused various physical and mental problems (including epilepsy, convulsions, paralysis, tuberculosis etc), and
    b) circumcision stopped masturbation.

    Both of those sound ridiculous today I know, but that’s how they thought back then, and that’s how non-religious circumcision got started. Heck, they even passed laws against “self-pollution” as it was called.

    Over a hundred years later, circumcised men keep looking for new ways to defend the practice.

  • FrederickRhodes

    The AAP changed it’s policy on infant circumcision in 1971, because of overwelming evidence from the late 1960’s that sexual traumas during the infant years, including forms of male and female prepuce excision surgery, could cause delayed onset PTSD, resurfacing in adulthood as schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorders. This delayed onset PTSD was showing up in adult American soldiers as severe PTSD from combat. The implications of these new findings is that the need to perform circumcisions ritually was also a psychosis, implying that the religions of Judaism and Islam are based on paranoid schizophrenics with audio and visual halucinations, which also proved at the same time that Jesus was in fact the prophecied messiah/King of the Jews. This was unacceptable, therefor it was necessary to label the evidence of the studies/finding as anti-semitic and through attrition replace all the AAP staff with the proponants of infant circumcision kabal over the next 30-40 years in order to reverse tha AAP recomendation against infant circumcision.
    At the same time the proponants of infant circumcision were inventing new ways to sale their religious covenant/witchdoctor medical sacrifice based on mad/creation science fiction, the Internet came into life and the AAP Circumcision propaganda Task Force met up with the more educational Intactivision task force. As more and more parents became aware of the values and benefits of the healthy neurological functions and physiological development of both sexes prepuces, and how to avoid needing the benefits from circumcision along with its sexual trauma, long term physical and psychological dysfunctions, disorders, risks and harms on their newborns, the AAP threw a fit and helped promote the circumcision to prevent HIV campaigne, sponcored by members of the tribe from different nations working through their possitions within the WHO or as media moguls.
    It’s been a war, in one way or another, ever since the violent infant prepuce excision ritual sacrifice began, about 5,000 years ago.

  • Jackno

    Parents are getting the word, that this practice is very harmful to the man the baby will become. People are becoming aware that the penis parts that are amputated contain over 3 feet of arteries, veins and capillaries and thousands of nerve endings (well above 10,000). Americans are getting the word that the parts of the penis that are cut off are some of the most highly innervated parts of the human. To take this away from another person without their consent is heinous. To do this to a newborn baby is creepy, child abuse and a human rights VIOLATION.

    Please stop mutilating babies.

  • TomTobin

    Dr. Diekema should never be allowed to call himself an ethicist again. He suggested twice that federal law should be changed, to allow girls to be genitally modified, so that their parents would not take them overseas for a more radical circumcision. His twisting of ethics to justify the removal of healthy genital parts on children too young to consent, should give normal people pause. Why anyone would allow him to be on a task force on circumcision is beyond my imagination. The AAP’s position is as indefensible as it is unsurprising.

    Why is this not a problem for people on continents where circumcision is unusual, such as Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and half of Africa?

    Male circumcision has never prevented a disease, or cured a condition which was not more easily fixed by a less intrusive method. In the article, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine stated that the money would be better spent elsewhere, that circumcision is not cost effective. This begs the question, why are the majority of Americans submitting their children to painful surgery they don’t need, which does not help them to live healthier, any more than regular washing does. What other body part is commonly removed, so we don’t have to wash it?

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