• squwelly

    I’d love to laugh in this rapist’s face. You reap what you sow.

  • http://hystericallyassertive.blogspot.com/ Scott

    I don’t see why the big deal being made of this – are they trying to make him look like a victim?

    Good thing this didn’t happen in America – he’d not only sue the victim, but he’d sue the liquor/beer company, his dope dealer, the victim’s landlord, and everyone else he can think of. No personal responsibility. As retarded as the sue-happy “I fell in the fountain!” creature.

  • Michelle

    My biggest take away from this is that the rapist actually admitted to raping the woman. Which is rare.

  • jruwaldt

    This guy is extremely funny. He can’t remember doing it, but he believes her when she says he did it. I’m glad he was sentenced, but it’s all still very bizarre.

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