• Rhonda Lowenstein

    What a complete waste of resources. The anti-abortion movement has taken things way too far! Perhaps they should also prosecute a man for getting a woman pregnant after the pregnancy fails?? Stupid people…………..

  • Stadskind

    Mmm… Trying to put someone on trial for murder for refusing to submit to a C-section will definately make people refuse to listen to your other arguments, even when those arguments are legitimate. It is quite short-sighted (understatement). I find that I cannot put that in the same class as wilfully choosing to ingest substances which you know to be harmful (not even potentially harmful) to an unborn child. If a mother gave an infant alcohol instead of milk to drink after birth, of course she would be rightfully prosecuted for child abuse. The effects of alcohol and a number of illegal drugs on the foetus are well-known. They often result in major birth defects, even if the substances were taken ”socially”. The reality of heroine and meth amphetamine addiction is not something I would wish on anyone, as the withdrawal is excruciatingly painful. In the end, the community, or the State, will need to look after these potentially severely disabled children, so one cannot argue that they do not have an interest in the matter. While I do agree at the very least that social services intervention is clearly needed and that it seems odd to be prosecuting for manslaughter and not for drug abuse, the balancing point between various interests are not clear to me in this instance.

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