• Anonymous

    As someone that was raped a few years ago at a Swarthmore fraternity by one of its members, and knows of countless other unreported incidents like my own, I am so glad the silence is being broken. My love and support goes out to Joshua, Brinn, Mia, and the entire KnowYourIX team.

  • Jack Flash

    Yeah, “Joshua”… great installment here. However, I tend to disagree with you’re being called a pathological liar because that involves a sort of involuntary sickness. You’re much more sociopathic — someone who chooses to do whatever and say whatever to get wherever you want to be… which is to be the next big splash in the world of journalism. Deny it all you want, but you, me, and everyone else with any red cent of sense left in their head, knows its true. And karma’s a bitch, buddy. Trust me :}

  • Anon.

    “Joshua”, Brinn, Mia and everyone on the KnowYourIX team – I want to thank you for your bravery. What you’re doing may stop what you went through happening to someone else. I hope you can have happy, fulfilling lives and know that what happened to you doesn’t define you but your courage and continuing to live your lives does. So much support and Love to you all.

  • Sarah @climbinvegan.blogspot

    My heart goes out to Joshua.. so proud of you for standing up. much much much love.

  • Facebook User

    this is just like sexual assault and rape in the US military, except they promote the rapist in there! http://www.theusmarinesrape.com/FaceBook.html

    and then these guys go to colleges on GI Bill and continue to rape, or become cops that allow rape or rape or politicians that do same thing, it all bleeds into society!

  • Steven Abreu

    Hofstra University is no better, a woman was cornered, spat on, and assaulted in the confines of her dorm at Hofstra University by a male student and HU has done nothing but enable his behavior. He was never suspended or removed from the school, and was welcomed back with open arms this semester. Apparently, as long as you pay the big bills, you get to batter women at Hofstra University. If youre an avid womanizer, this schools for you!

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