CORRECTION: North Carolina Governor Pledges to Sign ‘Motorcycle Safety’ Abortion Bill

This article was amended at 4:59 p.m., Friday July 26th to correct an error. The earlier version mistakenly reported that Governor McCrory had signed SB 353. He has not yet done so, but has pledged to do so next week.

On Friday, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory pledged to sign into law SB 353, a motorcycle safety bill that was amended to add numerous restrictions to abortion access.

The new law will ban sex-selective and telemedicine abortions as well as abortion coverage in the state health insurance exchange, and will allow the department of health to require some as of yet undefined elements of licensing for ambulatory surgical centers to be applied to clinics that offer abortions.

Gov. McCrory vowed during his 2012 gubernatorial campaign that if any anti-choice bills made it to his desk he would not sign them. Earlier in this year’s session, he signed a bill that would require health teachers to erroneously teach that abortion is a preventable cause of preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies; he justified that move by characterizing the bill as focused on education, not abortion.

“Governor McCrory is blatantly and unapologetically going back on his campaign promise not to support any restrictions on abortion in our state,” Suzanne Buckley, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, said in a statement Friday afternoon. “He is sending a very public message that he can’t be trusted to stick to his word.”

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  • fiona64

    Hey, McCrory … as one of your fellow GOMisogynist party members learned to his detriment, female bodies have a way of “shutting that thing down.” Just remember that.

    • James Hufnagel

      Why does he need to remember anything at this point? Just kick the bum out.

      • fiona64

        I suspect he’ll remember it when he’s applying for unemployment after the next election cycle …