• Jazzy

    Thanks for writing this, Miriam. I am a reproductive health educator in a rural county where teen pregnancies are high and ads like Candies and “Healthy Chicago” feed into institutionalized eugenics thinking. I witness so many folks be shamed and under supported or celebrated for being young, kick ass parents. I agree that a ritzy ad campaign does not do anyone or any concept justice and I appreciate you constantly interrupting reproductive oppressions.

  • JPD

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a former teen mom who went on to get her Ph.D. and whose dissertation actually touched on this issue, I cannot tell you how greatly I appreciate this message. When I was a teen mom in the health department starting up at the poster of a pregnant girl in a prom dress with a message that her life was ruined… and I ALREADY HAD A BABY, just like the majority of the women in the waiting room, the poster did nothing but try to steal my hope. I was too stubborn (resilient, the literature says I should say instead) to let that happen, but what about the young girls who let this dominate narrative of teenage pregnancy become a map for their future, accepting it as if they have no choice because everyone, including the people behind the counter in the health department, believe its message so vehemently?

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