Tweet Roundup: #Tampongate Edition

Reportedly, tampons, pads, condoms, tissue, and other items were being confiscated for a time from individuals entering the Texas capitol building today. Guns are allowed in the building, with a permit. Twitter is, unsurprisingly, ablaze.

Apparently, the Texas Department of Public Safety has ordered an end to any confiscation of such materials.

Watch the debate live here.

Here is a sample, check out #tampongate for more:

Fortunately, the confiscation has come to an end, but not without some women having already gone in without their supplies.

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  • John Richter

    Their story about jars of feces and urine that was put out to deflect from the great tampon grab is falling apart too.From the Texas Tribune–”
    DPS officers outside the Senate gallery and at each entrance to the Capitol told The Texas Tribune they had not seen or found jars containing feces or urine, and multiple officers throughout the Capitol said they had not heard of any jars being found until a reporter mentioned it. Several officers also said they had not heard anything on the DPS radio system about jars of any excrement.”

    • goatini

      BS story that is obviously a plant by the gestational slaver brownshirts, I mean blueshirts.

      • LittleMissMellaril

        Yup, need to make up shit so they can seem oppressed!