• Jennifer Starr

    Why does this man even bother to open his mouth when all that comes out is stupidity?

  • Jean-Louis DePouffe

    For the most part, educating the public wasn’t much of a priority until relatively recently. Math, Science, etc., who needs ‘em. You tell ‘em, congressman!

  • VeggieTart

    Okay, Louie, and you don’t need heart meds because our ancestors didn’t have them either. You don’t need a car because our ancestors didn’t have them. And you don’t need a computer either. Go live in a cave, just as our ancestors did and try to hunt and gather your own food.

  • Daddy Love

    But he’s just wrong. It’s always been done, and not just by parents. And the reason is that teaching kids this stuff is a GOOD IDEA.

  • FaerieBad

    Some people just seem so proud of their ignorance.

  • taymie

    Ever wonder why in the 50s so many girls were easily convinced that they couldn’t get pregnant the first time? Or that showering right after would keep her from getting pregnant? Because teaching girls about sex was considered immoral. We had sex without sex ed for centuries, sure, but we didn’t have sex safely and with an eye on how not to get diseases and pregnancy from the act. what a nimrod.

  • Martin Susman

    Just nothing I can say about total stupidity…. The thing that truly scares the hell out of me is he keeps getting elected & people like him have millions of ignorant followers, thats what scares me…

  • plogan

    I’m so embarrassed for Texas right now..

  • lobo214

    Between Louie Gohmert, Jodie Laubenberg and
    Rick Perry I can see how Intelligence in Texas gets a bad name but these
    morons are not representative of most of us!

  • agio

    Since our species managed to get along quite well before the discovery of antibiotics, maybe we should stop using them to fight infections. I suggest Rep. Gohmert set a good example for us all and do just that.

  • joe ebbitt

    My favorite, go Louie, guess where he’s from ,, that’s right Texas …. how did you guess right ? is it because most dumb shit in the news lately has come from Texas? I don’t believe in saschsquach, yeti, or most republican policies but I do believe Louie lends credence to the old adage “so stupid he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel”….. Go Louie, putting Texas on the map for all the wrong reasons !Take a good look at his picture, now show me on the doll where this man touched you

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