• Jim Pickett

    Great piece. Right on. And can you tell the Pride people that gay men don’t use condoms as contraceptives? They seem to be confused.

    • crash2parties

      “Contraceptives????” Who this fresh Hell is running things over in Tx?

      Part of the reason Pride is *not* actually considered a good, conservative Christian event (and all that represents) is because it is traditionally sex-positive, as part of reaffirming that sexuality should not induce shame.

  • Gillian Weeks

    This is ridiculous actually. Condoms being thrown off of floats should automatically be considered DAMAGED GOODS- since prior to the parade, there is a lot of heat in the cars, and they have to SET UP and leave the condoms in a box (plastic/ cardboard doesn’t matter- the plastic wrappers on a condom are like a greenhouse!!) and then spend all this time in the parade tossing the darn things off.. which also risks a small perforation to the wrappers, etc.
    Then you get into the whole issue of how to put them on- which most people do it wrong anyways- not rolling it all the way down – you can’t leave any of the rubber rolled still- you have to pinch the tip when putting it on, you have to wash your hands before putting it on (because if you have been touching your partner first, it totally defeats the purpose, since your hands have all kinds of their stuff on them) you have to make sure that if you put it on upside down, you toss that particular condom out, and use a fresh one. You have to make sure that afterwards, you wash your hands and pubic area before removing the condom (assuming the darn thing doesn’t slip of in the meanwhile) then wash AGAIN after removal, or else AGAIN- it totally defeats the purpose, because touching the condom and then immediately touching your penis to wash it is EXACTLY the same thing as having unprotected sex anyways.

    Using condoms is a GOOD idea, if you know what the hell you are doing- but simply having access with no knowledge is a recipe for disaster- it gives people a false sense of security! For instance, someone with herpes who is beginning an outbreak (and doesn’t know it yet) is at a higher risk of contracting HIV, because they have very tiny openings in their skin. Also, condoms don’t protect against HPV and herpes, in many cases.

    It’s additionally important to understand that many cases of HIV are spread not just from intravenous drug use, but from pipe sharers also- people who share glass or metal pipes will end up with slight burns and blisters on their lips (those pipes transfer heat- they are not like a wooden pipe) which create an easy opening for HIV to transmit.

    Condoms provide a false sense of security for people who are promiscuous (which is not uncommon in either heterosexuals or homosexuals so don’t say I am discriminating! I’m BI, by the way- well more straight than bi, but still bi.. ) especially when a respected “authority” in journalism puts an article like this out there, expressing that “using a condom” is better than “not” even without education. THAT IS AN OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENT, ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. Do not CONTRIBUTE to the spread of STIs just because *YOU* haven’t done YOUR research on this subject. That is NOT fair to the Houston community. I don’t even LIVE in Houston, but I am VERY worried about the pride paraders and their followers at this point, SOLELY because of *THIS* article. HAVE SHAME.

    • Gillian Weeks

      Oh- and I learned a little tidbit through a group in Denver who was doing a study on safe drug use to prevent HIV- that carrying a small bottle of bleach inside a baggie with some cotton balls can help you to sanitize the needle or pipe you share, if you are an illicit drug user. This is a better way to prevent the spread of HIV- not tossing condoms off of floats in 110 degree weather, where the condoms have already reached 120 degrees and are completely worthless. Drugs are abundant- we need to focus on the MAIN cause of the spread of this ghastly disease.. and that is through shared needles and shared pipes. JUST SAY NO- or at least bleach the thing before touching it, lol..

      • Amanda Kazarian

        Wow I learned so much about condoms from your comments. I shall spread the info!

  • http://andyisreadingbooks.tumblr.com/ Andreea

    The thing is that a more all-ages friendly Pride would not be such a bad idea – despite how much everyone invokes LGBT youth suicides, queer young people have few sober spaces where they can meet up with their elders (as opposed to hooking up with them and potentially being preyed on). This shouldn’t mean changing the way people present themselves or dress (obviously), and condoms, dental dams etc absolutely should be distributed during Pride, but the amount of alcohol consumed and the atmosphere of “sexually changed” partying should be moderated to make it a more welcoming space for younger people in our communities.

    • Dez

      I think the LGBT movement can expand further now that there is more acceptance. Pride parades can include adult themed and family friendly ones. Something for everyone.

    • Mixxie

      Youth need access to condoms and dental dams, too!

  • chrisdarling

    Marriage Equality should not mean Gay Propriety! I shudder to even put the two concepts in the same sentence.

    • Dez

      Gays are getting married right now in California. Obviously they do go together.

      • spookiewon

        They’re getting married right now in Iowa too, what does that prove?

        • Dez

          That most people are fine with marriage equality. What else?

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