Statement From Rep. Earl Blumenauer on Federal 20-Week Abortion Ban

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Here they go again.

Once more, the Republican controlled House is seeking to limit women’s access to safe reproductive health care through the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.” While it is couched in the language of protecting unborn fetuses from pain, this bill is nothing more than a poorly disguised effort to force women and their families to give up their constitutionally protected rights (so far). The bill is not going anywhere and it inflames an issue that is among the most sensitive.

Roe v. Wade, which was decided 40 years ago, is the law of the land. But still we have to go through this annual charade as Republican leadership tries to force those of us who support women’s control over their health and potential to have children in the future to take a “hard vote.” I am no political Pollyanna; I understand the politics behind this strategy. But let me say, unequivocally, that this is no “hard vote” for me.

It is not hard for me to stand with the millions of women who depend on access to safe, legal abortion. It is not hard for me to vote against any bill that imposes the will of an intolerant, albeit vocal, minority on our mothers, sisters, and daughters. It is not hard for me to protect freedom of choice, because it is right and it is just.

We have real challenges to address as a country, and yet Republican leadership is choosing to focus its efforts on this bill that would trump women’s health, override family decisions, and compromises the ability to decide when and if to start a family. It’s a blatant attack on women and it’s not hard for me to say that it is wrong.

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  • Pam Mason

    Thank you

    • natchos

      Why pam?

      • Pam Mason

        If you need to ask, you are on the wrong website.

  • Jennifer Marie Anderson

    Thanks Earl.

    • natchos

      Thanks for what? Explain.

      • Jennifer Marie Anderson

        For standing up against the republican in Washington that want to take away a woman right to choose what is done to her body.

  • Quercki

    Women are part of the Union, not just “mothers, sisters, and daughters.” Women are half of your constituents, Mr. Blumenauer. Women are perhaps more than half of the voters who elected you. This framing of women only in relationship to men, as if only men count or only men are people, is part of why there is a problem. Please change your language. And thank you for supporting bodily autonomy for all people.

    • Frankie Addiego

      The unborn child isn’t just this piece of tissue in a woman’s body. They are the future voters of America, Quercki. This framing of the fetus only in relation to women, and denying that the undelivered children are people, is part of the problem. Please change your language.

  • natchos

    Killing innocent people is wrong. Period. You protect people under that Americans with Disabilities Act, why not these people, who are without voice and are most vulnerable. Why aren’t you helping these mothers and fathers find homes for unwanted children through adoption????