They Are Coming For Your Birth Control: Contraception Gave Us Gosnell

Think that anti-choice politicians and activists aren’t trying to outlaw contraception? Think again. Follow along in an ongoing series that proves beyond a doubt that they really are coming for your birth control.

The murder trial of Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell has been cited as the rationale behind a number of anti-choice bills, ranging from bills meant to close abortion clinics to those that would ban abortion after 20 weeks. Now one Catholic bishop in Nebraska has suggested that the Gosnell case shows that society needs to ban contraception.

Arguing that the Gosnell case is a result of what the church refers to as society’s “contraceptive mentality,” Bishop James Conley of Lincoln writes:

[T]he link between infanticide and abortion is not the only issue raised by this case. There is also the larger question of how human life is regarded, in a culture where contraception is widespread and abortion becomes “backup birth control.” …

The Gosnell case suggests that our society’s view of human life is deeply wrong. It suggests that a culture of contraception cannot avoid becoming a “culture of death”—in which some lives are seen not as gifts, but as burdens.

The piece does not represent Bishop Conley’s first attack on contraception. He has been one of the more outspoken opponents of the Affordable Care Act mandate to include no co-pay birth control coverage in employee insurance plans. “The Catholic Church is not going to back down,” Conley said in November. “We are never going to compromise our principles. We will defy it and face the consequences.”

Conley’s opposition to contraception appears to stem from the belief that by trying to control one’s own life, a person rejects God’s all-powerfulness. As he said in 2008, “The reality is that we belong to God. … If we are under the illusion that we are in total and absolute control of human life, when it begins and when it ends, and we think that ‘this is my life, my body, my choice,’ then there is an organic progression to abortion, euthanasia, acceptance of homosexual acts, pornography, embryonic destructive research, divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, abuse of women and a host of other social ills and moral evils.”

Now, Bishop Conley argues that a doctor who endangered women with limited options for safely ending unwanted pregnancies should be used as the impetus to block access to birth control that would help women avoid unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

As he writes in the last line of his recent piece, “That is why we must raise awareness of this case, to help the world see the consequences of contraception and abortion.”

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  • BJ Survivor

    Um, hey Bishop Conartist, the consequences of lack of birth control are unconscionable maternal, infant, and child mortality and morbidity, as well as grinding, hopeless poverty. You RCC troglodytes like to wax on an on about the evils of contraception and the “contraceptive mentality” while pushing that everyone, whether catholic or not, must use the Fertility Awareness Method (dubbed “family addition method” by the gynecologist and women’s NPs that I know), which is, itself, a form of contraception! A spectacularly ineffectual form of contraception at that, which is, apparently, the point.

    • HeilMary1

      NFP, or UNnatural Family UNplanning as I call it, is not only a pedophile priest scam that guarantees plenty of fresh neglected, unplanned altar boys for these priests, but also it is proven illegal medical malpractice by its often unlicensed bully promoters, and it is Munchausen by Proxy abuse of women and children because of the guaranteed resulting maternal injuries and birth defects. It also outsources fed-up husbands to brothels, you know, the same brothels priests rely on when they run out of cowed altar boys, nuns, married women, spinsters and teens.


      Actually, “grinding, hopeless poverty” has been exacerbated by depopulation. There are just not enough people to support the world’s economies. That is why Russia, which has had abortions since 1925, and Spain, whose native population has probably passed the replacement mark, are back-peddling on abortion. See, on YouTube, ‘The Demographic Winter’, in which several economists,
      one a Nobel Prize winner, predicted our present state of world-wide economic collapse.

      Atheists for Life, Secularists for Life, Feminists for Life, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, are secular pro-life organizations which support and educate women with problem pregnancies along with religious groups.

      One type of chemical contraception, estrogen, is listed by the WHO, along with asbestos and nicotine, as a Class 1 cancer causing substance responsible for most breast and liver cancers. It is also responsible for polluting the world’s water supply: egg-bearing male fish are showing up everywhere. Abortion increases estrogen exposure.

      When the pill first became popular, I was a student nurse who saw several young women who were victims of strokes. Later, as a RN, I took care of two teenagers with malignant hypertension and also, a 35 year old who was on a ventilator because of multiple pulmonary emboli. All these vascular events were attributed to the pill. Decades later, I wanted to find out if that problem had gone away. Instead, I discovered that there are numerous lawsuits against the makers of Yaz, Yasmin and other estrogenic medications. Indeed, a 27 year old friend of one of my sons had to have stents put in her coronary arteries.

      Progestins, are another kind of contraception which should be used with a condom due to a significant failure rate as well as high infection rates. It has been noted, that users have greater than average HIV and HPV infection rates. (There are 110 million HPV sufferers in the U.S. alone).

      Dr. Lionel Tiger, who is pro-choice and has written an anti-God book, has identified behavioral and relationship problems among primates and humans injected with Depo-Provera: Austin, a monkey, dropped his three consorts shortly after they were injected and took up with three others. When all the female monkeys were subsequently injected, he went ape. He began to masturbate, rape, eventually turning to his brother monkeys for gratification. Austin returned to his first loves after the drug’s effects wore off, Dr. Tiger and associates, discovered that female humans frequently reject partners once they stop taking the drugs. Something to do with smell, apparently. If these couples should hang together, they are subject to infertility, miscarriages and sickly kids. Ovulating women can sniff out the most virile man in the room. Evolution smiles on this relationship, since any children this couple may have, will have super immunity. Men will benefit from increased testosterone levels, if they are exposed to ovulating women. On the other hand, men exposed to a lineup of gorgeous contracepting women, will prefer the ovulating woman even if she is less glamorous.

      Pro-lifers don’t need to insult the opposition. They have science on their side. Having tried for 29 years now, to reason with otherwise reasonable people, I have found that put downs from pro-aborts are the usual response. (I understand that Planned Parenthood is trying to distance itself from the term “pro-choice”).

      I have put out many suggestions for your personal research which I hope you might follow up on. Hate is a poison you give to others that ends up killing you.

      • Jennifer Starr

        Again, more myths and half-truths. No science here, Lillian. I’m so sorry that most couples don’t want to pop out baby after baby until the woman’s body wears out or go through the arduous grind of testing their cervical mucus and checking a daily calendar to find out whether they can have sex or not. If you want to live your life being dictated to by a bunch of celibate men in frocks, that’s your lookout. Don’t put it off on us.

      • Jennifer Starr

        And demograpnic winter is racist tripe. Just so you know.

      • fiona64

        I promise, as soon as an anti-choicer like you shows any valid science, with mainstream, peer-reviewed resources, I’ll respect it.

        I’ve been making this promise for decades now, and have yet to see any such validated science appear before me.

        Nice “dog-whistle” words, though: ‘depopulation.’ Is that anti-choice-speak for “not enough white babies”?

  • NCCaniac42

    If I have to read one more article on how the Catholic Church is trying to mandate public policy and laws.. I am going to scream. I am so tired of these ‘churches’ acting like The Bible and their moral beliefs are the basis of our laws. I say.. start to tax the Catholic Church and any other ‘church’ that starts to push policy on our lawmakers, that will SHUT THEM UP. NC legislators are passing laws against Sharia Law.. well, I say pass a law against Biblical Law. American Catholics use birth control.. get over it… women’s bodies are not the possession of the Catholic Church or any church.

  • canaduck

    Back when birth control pills first came out in the 60s, plenty of women didn’t use them and plenty of men didn’t respect the women who did. Taking birth control meant that you were ADMITTING that you were sexually active and therefore slutty and dirty. It was just easier to pretend everything would be fine and then deal with the consequences later.

    So obviously, some of these women got pregnant, at which point they DID have to rely on abortion as “back-up birth control”. But eventually the pill grew in popularity, and now abortion rates are, not surprisingly, much, much lower than they used to be.

    You’d think that with all their bloviating about the gift of life, this would mean something to the Church (and all the other misogynist creeps) but it doesn’t. Because they don’t actually give a fuck about reducing the number of abortions, they care about controlling and punishing women’s bodies.

  • nettwench14

    If Conley took that belief to its absurd conclusion, people would not take aspirin, or have cancer surgery. Why does it always come down to controlling women’s lives? His views are intellectually dishonest, as well as concluding that people in a free democracy should be subject to Catholic dogma!