Funding Down, Komen Drops Three-Day Walks in Half of Current Cities

For years, 14 cities have hosted a three-day procession of pink-clad walkers, some playful and others quite serious, raising money for breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Amid ongoing backlash over a controversial move to cut funding to Planned Parenthood and, more recently, attention to the lavish salary paid to founder and outgoing CEO Nancy Brinker, that number of cities will drop to seven.

Effective next year, the 3-Day walks, as they are called, will no longer take place in Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, or Washington, D.C. A spokesperson for the group told the Washington Post that economic uncertainty has been driving fewer donations.

However, as an Avon spokesperson told the Post, donations to Avon’s Walk for Breast Cancer have remained steady, and the group plans to continue offering walks in its current eight cities in 2014.

Indeed, studies show that overall, U.S. nonprofits saw at least modest year-over-year growth in charitable giving last year. And in metropolitan Washington, D.C., for instance, the economy is reported to be in an upswing; the Wall Street Journal reported as such less than a week ago in an article headlined What Sequester? Washington [D.C.] Booms as a New Gilded Age Takes Root. According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy,  Washingtonians give an average of 5.5 percent of their income to charities, compared to a 4.7 percent average nationally.

Local Susan G. Komen affiliates across the country have noted precipitous declines in donations in the wake of the groups controversies.

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  • ebog

    Thanks for giving me the useful information.

  • xenubarb

    The only reason for the decline is the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s betrayal of women in favor of religious bullshit.

    We were shocked and horrified when Komen came out of the closet as a right wing bible thumping front group posing as something good. They’re NOT good!

    If they cared about curing breast cancer, they would have continued funding promising stem cell research, but they didn’t.

    If they cared about women’s health, they would have continued funding Planned Parenthood, but they didn’t.

    This is ALL THEIR FAULT! It’s not the economy, or the political climate, or the hated Librul Agenda. They lied to us. And we will repay that by ignoring them, defunding them, and wishing them good day!