Massachusetts Senate Candidate Still Won’t Say if He Would Have Supported Blunt Amendment

Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez has said he supports the over-the-counter sale of birth control, but his stances on other reproductive health-care issues appear to be anti-choice; for instance, he said he doesn’t “believe that we should have taxpayer dollars funding abortion.” And in other ways, his views are ambiguous, as when he remained tight-lipped recently on whether he believes employers should be able to refuse contraception coverage in their employees’ health insurance plans.

After being questioned by a Boston Globe reporter about whether he would have supported a bill last year to limit insurance coverage of contraception, Gomez refused to answer, saying “I’m not sure how much more clear I can be,” referring to other times he’s been asked similar questions.

Embraced by conservatives who claimed it was necessary to preserve “religious freedoms,” last year’s proposed Blunt Amendment would have allowed employers who have moral qualms with birth control to reject contraceptive coverage in insurance plans for their employees.

Last month, Gomez refused to say how he would have voted on the amendment, saying he hadn’t yet read it.

Gomez, like former Republican Sen. Scott Brown, is on the record as being a pro-choice Republican. However, Sen. Brown was one of the major sponsors behind the Blunt Amendment.

Gomez will be facing off against Democratic Rep. Ed Markey in a June 25th special election to fill Democrat John Kerry’s seat.

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