• Maria

    ”[D]idn’t give a crap about cleaning house, getting married…”

    Well, to be fair, neither do I, and I very much identify as female. That doesn’t mean that David’s story isn’t valid, of course.

    • canaduck

      Yeah, I really don’t like gender stereotypes that assume that a person’s interests are related to their biological sex.

  • squirrely_girl

    What a lot of these articles and examples don’t seem to touch on adequately is that there is SIGNIFICANT variation in the conditions considered intersex.

    Quite simply, not all of these conditions are merely “aesthetic” and some can actually be life threatening. For example, there’s a pretty big difference between a larger than average clitoris or urinary meatus that isn’t impacting excretion of urine and a ureter that empties into the rectum. The former weren’t threatening the health and safety of the child while the latter most certainly is.

    • cjvg

      These conditions can also happen to children not born with ambiguous genitalia.
      Fix what is threatening the health and safety of the child in the least invasive way.
      None of these conditions require that a specific sex is assigned before the child can be considered out of danger.

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