North Carolina to Give Quarter of a Million Dollars in Women’s Health Funding to Deceptive ‘Clinics’

If a new budget proposed by the state senate goes into effect, North Carolina’s Woman’s Health Fund would lose $250,000 in this year’s budget. The funding, which is usually used to provide medical care and contraceptive coverage for poor and uninsured women who do not qualify for Medicaid, would instead go to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship (CPCF), an umbrella group for about half of the state’s crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs).

CPCF representatives told the News Observer that the group’s CPCs “work hard to provide factual, impartial help to teenagers and women who are conflicted about their pregnancies.”

The CPCF boasts partnerships with two of the nation’s largest crisis pregnancy center networks: Care Net and Heartbeat International. In its materials for becoming a member, Care Net states that an affiliate must agree not to “recommend, provide, or refer single women for contraceptives. (married women seeking contraceptive information should be urged to seek counsel, along with their husbands, from their pastor and/or physician.)”

The training that makes both Heartbeat and Care Net acceptable “medical services” providers in the state’s eyes can be purchased from a franchisee website for $50; DVDs and forms walk users through everything from “doing ultrasounds” to “getting Medicaid funding.” One package description reads, “From providing early-detection ultrasounds to implementing a broad array of prenatal health care services, learn how you can reach at-risk and/or disadvantaged women with the Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics and Medicaid Funding DVD™. Whether you’re hoping to expand your already-existing medical care or establish medical service for the first time, this DVD is for you!”

CPCF had hoped to receive taxpayer dollars through the state’s “Choose Life” license plates, but a judge blocked the creation of the plates, saying that if the state would not allow a pro-choice license plate to be created as well, there could not be one supporting CPCs. Anti-choice legislators appear to have turned to the state budget to make up that loss.

Women’s health activists are incensed that politicians would strip funds meant to prevent unintended pregnancies and reallocate them to deceptive CPCs. “Our lawmakers have a responsibility to protect women and families in our state by supporting programs that offer comprehensive, unbiased reproductive-health information. Crisis pregnancy centers do the opposite,” Suzanne Buckley, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, said in a statement. “The goal of these organizations is to block women from making fully informed choices about their own reproductive health. Legitimate health care providers put their patients first, not a political ideology.”

Melissa Reed, vice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina, agreed. “Clearly, the NC Senate is more concerned with pandering to their political base than making sure that low-income women have access to real health care,” she said in a statement posted on the group’s Tumblr.

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  • Ingrid Heimark

    Whilst handling an unplanned pregnancy is important, much more women and families and their children would be helped by using funds for pregnancy prevention, it is weird politicians do not regognice this. And no contraceptive funding should go to anyone who refuses to provide contraception for all women in need

    • colleen2

      This isn’t ‘contraceptive funding’. Crisis pregnancy centers do not provide contraception or any other actual medical service. they provide what you provide to us here: propaganda, lies and self righteous ignorance. CPC’s are just another jobs program for the otherwise unemployable women of the religious right.

      • Ingrid Heimark

        I know it is not contraceptive funding, and that it my point exactly, money for contraception should go to those who need contraception, and that provide it for all. It os funny that nhow we disagree on one topic (abortion) that automatically you assume we cannot agree on this

        • cjvg

          I agree on spending money for comprehensive sex education as well as increasing the access to effective and diverse forms of birth control.
          However, the anti-choice crowd is very loud and public about the fact that they consider that “abortion” too and that it is against their believes/convictions to give women or even couples the information and the means to reduce or prevent unwanted pregnancies.
          You have a very wrong perception of pro-choice people, we do not promote or encourage abortion, we promote and champion CHOICE!
          We promote the apparently very foreign and blasphemous notion that women are people too and that women have the same right to ownership and sanctity of their bodies as men.
          We promote and champion the idea that women are competent adults that are very capable of making their own health decisions and do not need to be told what they are allowed to do
          Choice is in no way the same thing as the anti-choice position, if you let women make choices, some will have an abortion and some will have babies, either way the pro-choice position is accepting of both since it is ultimately the CHOICE the woman is comfortable with!
          The anti-choice position only has one outcome, regardless of what is better for the only actual person who has to live or die with the consequences of a choice she is NOT allowed to make for her self!
          Choice, as in YOU chose what YOU can and must live with, instead of others forcing on you what they will never have to live with!
          Choice, because women are not ignorant stupid little children that have to be told to eat their vegetables because they are just not smart enough to know what is good for them.
          Ps, Misrepresenting the reply someone makes to you is the same as lying!
          Insisting that abortion is murder because a fetus before 26-29 weeks is alive just like the woman is alive, even when you were presented with irrefutable medical and scientific evidence that this is most certainly not the case, is lying

          • Ingrid Heimark

            I have never said abortion is murder. I don’t believe it is. For anything to be murder it has to be done by a person that knows the one being killed is a worthy human being, and still do it. I believe it is killing, or taking a life. I have never called anyone here murderers or said aboriton is murder

          • cjvg

            Deliberately ending a life( what you claim abortion does) is murder there is no other word for it.
            Accidentally ending a life is man slaughter, however this would not apply to abortion since women making this choice are well aware of what they are choosing and have to take deliberate actions to obtain and complete an abortion!
            If you belief a fetus is a human life, then anyone who deliberately ends that life commits murder.
            What do you think killing means?, you are naming each and every women who obtains an abortion, every person who supports choice, every physician who provides reproductive choice a murderer!

          • Ingrid Heimark

            I am a true believer in thought-process ethics. For anything to be murder in my eyes, the person doing the killing have to believe the one being killed is a human being and still go ahead and do it. If I had an abortion, I would be comitting murder yes. But since murder in itself demands premeditation and the recognition of humanity of the victim, I cannot say women who have abortions are murderers. Neither is the pro-choice community. When we talk about the abortionists themselves, sometimes I wonder yes

          • Dez

            No such thing as abortionists. There are doctors that perform abortions.

      • Ella Warnock

        If CPC’s actually did what they claim to do, this wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately what they’re also pushing – hard – is religion, specifically christianity. You don’t need a god to help you decide to keep a child or put one up for adoption. These things can and should be done in the secular realm. I have a little experience with the “get god to get right” mindset, and it does more harm than good, in the long run.