House Schedules Another Vote Against Health-Care Law During National Women’s Health Week

The House of Representatives is expected Thursday to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The repeal vote would represent the 37th time the Republican-dominated body has voted to defund, repeal, or otherwise dismantle President Obama’s signature health-care law, an effort that has not moved forward in the Democrat-dominated Senate.

According to an analysis in the the New York Times, Thursday’s likely vote represents “at least the 43rd day since Republicans took over the House that they have devoted time to voting on the issue.”

To put that in perspective, they have held votes on only 281 days since taking power in January 2011. …

“[S]ince 2011, House Republicans have spent no less than 15 percent of their time on the House floor on repeal [of the health-care law] in some way.”

A video released Wednesday by the House Democratic Caucus claims that House Republican activity against the health-care law has cost taxpayers $52.4 million.

The vote comes during National Women’s Health Week, May 12 to 18, as declared by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women’s Health. Proponents of the health-care law frequently tout its preventive care and anti-gender rating provisions as a victory for women’s health.

With regards to representation, women hold 17.9 percent of seats in the House of Representatives. A breakdown of the numbers by party shows that women hold about 8 percent of the majority Republican seats and 29 percent of the minority Democratic seats.

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