• http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Canny/100000203425131 Rob Canny

    More intrusive “Big Government” Republican style. These ant-abortion, religious freaks just make life so miserable for everyone. As illuminated in this tragic situation which is being amplified by the misogynistic, narrow-minded prosecutors and intrusive, right wing activist legislation.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonathan-Kuperberg/698603245 Jonathan Kuperberg

      OK… so in a tragic situation with nothing to do with legal abortion or opposition to it, where a healthy, viable third-trimester fetus is killed with rat poison (a barbaric act if done *without* mental health issues or other extreme mitigation)- which is not supported by Democrats or the vast majority of liberals, atheists and/or pro-choicers- your response is to push a partisan political agenda and accuse people of being not only right-wing, anti-woman and “freaks” but also RELIGIOUS?
      I know who’s being extreme here, and it’s not me.

      I agree she should never have been charged with murder and given her mental state she deserved more support and less of a punitive response: I have said the same about women who have smothered their newborn babies suffering from postpartum depression. I don’t see where your agenda comes into it though.

      If a parent jumps off a bridge with a little girl in tow and the girl dies but the mom/dad survives, they can be charged for that. Given that state interest in protecting life after viability (~22-24 weeks) is recognised by Roe and all legislation since, and no federal or Indiana state court ruling or legislation gives a woman the right to end a 33-week pregnancy other than by giving birth, what is so different about this? One can support the state protecting viable late-term fetuses whose mothers are seriously mentally ill and still support legal abortion.

  • j. anon

    Didn’t her own note give ample notice of intent to harm the child? She wasn’t taking it to Hades without killing it.

    • cjvg

      She was not insane, just severely depressed.
      Regardless of what the republican legislators (and you) think, women do understand what it means when they are pregnant.
      Obviously it is not possible to commit suicide while pregnant and not take the fetus with you!
      But by all means, explain how she should have committed suicide while pregnant in a way that would not do so?!
      Besides the fact that she made that comment clearly demonstrates that the state’s contention that she was trying to induce an abortion is severely flawed!
      So what is it, she tried to commit suicide = no criminal case,
      or she tried to induce an abortion= not at all supported by the fact as even you who desperately tried to find her guilty have noted after only reading the bare facts of the case!

    • http://twitter.com/JenGStarr Jennifer Starr

      She was clearly distraught, not in her right mind and trying to kill herself–not anyone else. She needed psychiatric help and understanding, not criminal charges.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ingrid.heimark.5 Ingrid Heimark

        I agree, she was desperate, and having attempted suicide myself, I believe this charge is ridiculous, the pain a suicidal person feels is indescribable

  • http://www.facebook.com/alfonso.taboadaportal Alfonso Taboada Portal

    I am prolife but Bei Bei Shuai is not guilty. Code penal of Spain:
    ” Of injury to the fetus
    Article 157
    Whoever, by any means or procedure wounds a fetus an injury or illness that severely impair normal development, or cause the same serious physical or mental defect shall be punished by imprisonment of one to four years and disqualification to practice any health profession, or to provide services of any kind in clinics or gynecological, public or private, for two to eight years.
    Article 158
    The one serious negligence, commit the acts described in the preceding article shall be punished with imprisonment of three to five months or a fine of six to 10 months.
    When the events described in the previous article are committed by professional negligence also impose special disqualification for the exercise of the profession, trade or position for a period of six months to two years.
    The pregnant woman will not be punished under this provision.”

  • David Day Day Hayes

    Point blank? The note she left said she intended to kill the baby and herself ;I’m taking this baby with me to hades/hell). It just so happen that only one of her intended victims actually died. And this has nothing to do with abortion. That baby was 8 months. Abortion at that age is not even legal and babies can survive at that stage. This woman was obviously weak minded (which may be due to a mental condition) considering she was having an affair with a married man, got pregnant by him, believed he would leave his wife when that is the oldest line in the book, was so devastated that she tried killing herself and her baby with rat poison (there are much easier and less painful ways to do it. Kinda makes me think the poison was used to specifically kill the kid) and then needed the mental ward after the child died. I feel bad for this woman and while nobody wants to be dumped, it’s no excuse for what she did. I think she is most sorry that she didnt die with the kid and now has to face charges. And though she may be remorseful now, there was still a death and consequences she must face. Oh and yes…SHE NEEDS JESUS like the rest of us.

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