• http://www.facebook.com/robert.m.taylor1 Robert Merrill Taylor

    It should be noted that much of the slut-shaming of the raped women came from their female classmates. Teenage girls do not seem to take rape seriously when it happens to someone else.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Feral.9.Hex Carla Clark

      Um, there’s a reason for that. Because these women WILL be associated with the rape victim if they don’t turn their backs on her. Because they WILL be shamed and marginalized more than their male counterparts ever WOULD be if they don’t take sides. Seriously, just because women are the ones who perform most forms of FGM, doesn’t mean it’s no longer sanctioned by men or a patriarchal culture. No, the REASON for it being performed by women is BECAUSE of the patriarchal culture, and it has been done that way for a LONG time.

      • HeilMary1

        Faux feminists Sarah Palin, Ann Coultergeist and Michelle Malkin come to mind. They love blaming female victims.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Feral.9.Hex Carla Clark

          Yeah, because they’ve been brainwashed by the patriarchy.

  • disqus_VtxRimIGuN

    It’s just one more reason why I don’t like myself. I’m apart of a “demographic” [for lack of a better word] that has done, and apparently will continue to do, violent things to vulnerable people.

  • Fifty Shades Of Erin Gray

    The “heart disease” punchline bothers me, however, for two reasons. The first is that he kind of mocks men for having heart disease, as if it’s nothing to be upset about as well as their own fault.

    The other is that statistically the number one threat to women is… Heart disease.

    What’s worse than 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted? *1 in 2* women dying of heart disease.

    • cjvg

      -Among all U.S. women who die each year, 1 in 4 dies of heart disease
      -Both men and women have heart attacks, but more women who have heart attacks die from them.
      CDC report from 2004
      So it is NOT I in 2 but I in 4 which is very very close to the number of women raped (and it is commonly known rape is underreported so in actuality the number might be the same or even surpass the 1in 4)
      Besides do you really think it is acceptable to dismiss the huge numbers of women
      willfully and intentionally brutalized by rape by men, by pointing at a disease doing harm too?!
      Don’t look at the intentional and willful damage done to women and girls , instead look at what this indiscriminate disease does, were does that make sense?!

      • Fifty Shades Of Erin Gray

        No. I am not downplaying intentional and willful damage,

        But the simple fact is that the number one killer of women is heart disease, by a large margin. CK both ignores that and minimizes it for men.

        He can tell whatever joke he wants, but it’s not accurate.

        • courteney

          Well done on missing the entire forest for the very nicest tree you could find.

          • Fifty Shades Of Erin Gray

            What forest? Women should know about the dangers of heart disease.
            (If he had said “cancer” you’d understand why it’s wrong)

          • courteney

            i understand the point you’re making, i’m just saying that you’re missing his entirely.

  • dratman

    I agree with Louis C. K. that there is danger in dating any man. It seems to me the only sensible way for a woman to proceed would be to find some way to check out the guy she is considering going out with. Checking up on him may not be easy to do, but surely it is worth a try. If it turns out to be impossible to check the man’s background, something is probably wrong. In that case, don’t go out with him!

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