• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9433650 Sarah ES

    The anti-choice faction have some nerve. The Gosnell case shows why abortion should remain legal, not why it should be criminalized. Kermit Gosnell gives us a reminding glimpse of what all abortion was like before Roe, unless you were lucky enough to have a sympathetic doctor. This is what the anti-choicers want abortion to be. I’ve heard it from many of their mouths that they believe women who would “kill their babies” deserve such. You can’t tell me that this isn’t about woman-hating after comments like that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ella.warnock.7 Ella Warnock

      What they would really prefer is that all abortion providers were like Gosnell. They’ll rant and rail about the butchery at his clinic and how unsanitary and dangerous it was for his victims, but if you suggest that all clinics should be clean, safe, and well-regulated, then they start hollering “Well, it’s NOT safe for the BABY!” and it just unravels from there.

      Of course it doesn’t matter if it’s safe for women, because they don’t even exist as anything other than a host for fetuses. They say women shouldn’t be victimized by someone like Gosnell, then they oppose safer clinics for those very same women. I wonder who they think they’re fooling?

  • nettwench14

    For the ACOG this is too little, too late. Don’t they have a lobby which can make some noise about this? It’s bad enough that we let insurance company bureaucrats make medical decisions, much less politicians. It IS discriminatory to start making rules and regulations that apply just to women’s clinics. What will they do when personhood laws pass in North Dakota, and they will be criminalized just for prescribing birth control or fertility treatments? For the last year I have been asking where are the physicians while all these ridiculous laws are being passed. If they think these people are going to be reasonable and rational then they are being naive. It’s not just that they are practicing medicine without a license. Outpatient treatment is becoming the norm these days, for everything from cosmetic surgery to spinal surgery, because they are specialized and the overhead of a hospital is not necessary when a patient goes home the same day. Trying to prove that a routine procedure is more dangerous than any of these other things makes no sense. This statement from the ACOG just said very clearly these new regulations don’t make sense, and are not justified. It shows that the people who pass these laws they are lying when they say it’s about women’s health and well being. I guess that’s a start, but these people are drink with power and are religious zealots. It’s going to take more than that. I wonder if most physicians are really aware of how far it has gone. I’m sure plenty of women don’t know how far it has gone. People tend not to believe that extremists can win against common sense, but this is the result of years and years of planning and work by these people. They will use any means necessary to inject their religion into political decisions that affect millions of women, and lie about their reasons for doing so. It’s absolutely despicable. They are a big part of the reason that Gosnell was not discovered, because there is so much mayhem surrounding this issue. Anti-choice people have made the subject such a political minefield that regulators in Pennsylvania weren’t able to do their job, as the number of clinics being shut down in the state also exacerbated the problem.

    • HeilMary1

      The antis who openly despise women are trying to force clinics to waste their money on non-health-related architectural issues, while depriving patients of actually needed medicine and services. My abusive disfiguring anti-choice family pulled similar stunts on me — they tried to force disfigured me to waste all my meager income on head shrinks and disfiguring psychotropic pills so I’d have no money left for plastic surgeons and eventual dating. They were trying to run out my youth clock so I’d always be a broke, disfigured, aging virgin on acne-causing lithium “happy pills”.

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