• http://www.facebook.com/ella.warnock.7 Ella Warnock

    One of the most important things you can do is keep your kids away from fundamentalist christianity. I wonder if the purity idolators realize how many abortions their fetish is responsible for? You tell a girl that the worst thing EVAR that could happen is she gets pregnant out of wedlock. It’s a no-brainer she’s going to seek whatever solution is necessary to avoid the wrath of the purity cult.

    • pro-family

      One of the most important things you can do is send your child to a (not necessarily fundamentalist!) Christian school. That way, there will be no condom giveaways, no secrecy (hooray for parents’ rights!), sex ed taught in a morally sensitive context, and decency and modesty in speech and behaviour will be expected and approved. While in the faithless school I went to, a senior teacher allowed pupils to explore their sexuality with her in explicit detail- amd didn’t tell a SOUL what they said to her. Not even their own *parents* were informed!

      How can parents bring up a child well when secretive extremists are offering such services in the schools? I certainly don’t want any future child of mine to have their values warped by some smiling over-experienced metropolitan elitist who tells them “You can be CONFIDENT nothing you say leaves this room” plus other anti-parent nonsense then approvingly affirms their lurid fantasies and immoral behavior.

  • Lara @ condom monologues

    I completely agree with the point made that ineffective sex “education” and sex-shaming stems from adults’ fears and anxieties. There should be more sex positivity resources for adults too!

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