• http://twitter.com/VeggieTart Danielle

    Do these folks consider that a possible unwanted pregnancy might be more detrimental to girls than, say, Plan B? Ideally, girls under the age of 16-17 would not be having sex, but some young girls are coerced into having sex or raped (note that they didn’t remark on that), and if that happens, a young girl should be able to get Plan B without any delay.

  • cjvg

    Never mind that this has been widely available in Europe for over 20 years.

    Never mind that there is an abundance of real life (not carefully managed and big pharma controlled study data) usage data for adolescents.

    Never mind that not one single death can be attributed to adolescent use of plan B (not something you could ever claim on adolescent pregnancy outcomes)
    In fact never mind reality, lets just use unwarranted superstitions and dogma to determine medical guidelines for females of any age, what could possibly be wrong about that ?

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