• Emily

    Thank you. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country Catholic hospitals are the only choice for medical care.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Margaret-Whitestone/100001682409207 Margaret Whitestone

    Religious groups shouldn’t be allowed to run hospitals at all if they’re not going to obey applicable laws. Patients shouldn’t have to worry that they won’t get proper treatment, particularly in an emergency, because the local hospital is run like a church instead of a medical facility.

  • m2cts

    This is reminiscent of corporations who tell their shareholders one thing about their earnings and the IRS – or agencies that fund subsidies! – something else.
    For my taste, the term “religious” has too many unearned positive connotations; I’d love to see it replaced by the term “sectarian”: because with about 2500 distinct Christian denominations in North America alone their doctrines fill the whole spectrum, and therefore qualify as arbitrary. Which poses the question: Why should the general public bow to arbitrary dogma?

  • BlueTigress

    I look at it this way: unless your organization is specifically a church, you have to provide contraceptive coverage.
    Don’t like it? Well, they say suffering is good for the soul.

  • http://www.facebook.com/novadust David Nova

    why should an employer’s right take precedence over an employee’s — especially when the boss’s right is totally abstract, while denying the worker’s liberty can have real consequences that change the course of her life?

  • Mister_Mean

    Time to start taxing the churches.

  • Bruce Sikkema


  • Kenneth Gilliland

    Well.., in my humble opinion religion has been such a negative influence to many people in America, it has been proven (really beyond all doubt) that religion has been controlling societies for over 2000 years and its false, its an intellectually dishonest approach to improving societies, we even have US Senators (Imhoff comes to mind) denying Global Warming because he believes god will not destroy the earth that way, as Carl Sagan once said, ” Modern Technology and Iron Age Myths is a very dangerous mix ” , also every women in the bible are seen as slaves compared to men, worshipping them etc. as Elizabeth Cady Stanton points out in her book ” The Women’s Bible ” we need to rid ourselves of these superstitions to really improve our lives, for Women and Men alike.

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