• http://www.facebook.com/Feral.9.Hex Carla Clark

    I would disagree. After all, you said it, yourself. “Secondly, Beatie and Percy show us that our society strictly polices who
    can and who cannot bear children. More specifically, society polices
    which bodies are supposed to reproduce—everything that falls outside of these expectations becomes a spectacle or public property.” Therefore, ciswomen bear the brunt of the physical burden. They are told that they must remain pregnant at all costs and give up their rights or be looked at like freaks if they don’t, while transmen (to somewhat the same extent with genderqueer and gender-non-conforming folks) are told that they should not remain pregnant and give up their rights or be treated like freaks if they do. Pregnancy is far more of a (physical) burden on one’s body than abortion, however. Therefore, while both ARE being forced to give up their rights, ciswomen, physically, bear a larger burden placed on them by society. I don’t think the effects on either side should be equated, is what I’m saying, I guess…?

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