Media SHOCKED to Hear Anti-Choice Activists Compare Abortion to Slavery

Question: “Did you hear the one about the anti-choice activist who compared abortion to slavery?”

Answer: “Um…which time?”

The main stream media seems to be in a bit of a tizzy over Susan B. Anthony List (and Ken Cuccinelli for Governor fan) president Marjorie Dannenfelser comparing abortion to slavery during a recent CPAC speech. “[T]here’s a point when you become culpable in the killing of other people, because of what the government is making you do. And that is one of those tipping point moments. It happened in slavery when slaves had to be returned to their masters. When we… when our hands are bloodied by this, it becomes a whole ‘nother thing,” Dannenfelser said, according to progressive blog Blue Virginia, leading the Washington Post to later report on the incident, then the Richmond Times Dispatch to run its own story with tape of Cuccinelli using similar terms himself at an event last June.

Maybe this language is somehow new to those who don’t pay much attention to the abortion issue. For those who do spend any time listening, this is rhetoric we’ve heard over and over again. We’ve heard the repeated claims that just like the zygote, the slave was once not considered a person either. We’ve been told that somehow controlling what happens inside our own bodies is akin to “owning” a human being as property. We’ve had charts like these pasted to our facebook pages.  We’ve seen the “abortion abolitionists” touting their merchandize and drop cards, or been emailed or tweeted at by the person swearing he or she is the next “William Wilberforce” prepared to bring about true equality—at least, for the fertilized eggs and embryos.

This idea that forcing women and girls to remain pregnant and give birth against their will is somehow analogous to freeing slaves from bondage may be news to you, but we’ve been hearing all about it for years. So, welcome to our world, mainstream media and every day people. Yes, those anti-choice activists are just as extreme as we’ve been telling you they are.

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  • Winston

    WOW, you have based this entire analogy on a misconception. No surprise from secular liberals like yourself, apparently lacking in the brain cell department, abolition is not comparable to abortion in terms of forcing a woman to remain pregnant to freeing a slave. It is comparable to forcing the property owner (slave owner/pregnant woman) to be allow certain individuals (fetuses) their rights as human beings. Any costs in which a pregnant woman/slave owner suffers in the process is considered a small price to pay as opposed to killing or torturing innocent human beings.