Watch Texas Sen. Dan Patrick Snipe and Holler His Way Through a Sex Ed Hearing

VIDEO: Watch Texas Senator Dan Patrick Snipe and Holler His Way Through a Sex Ed Hearing

Texas Sen. Dan Patrick chairs the state senate’s prestigious public education committee. But when it comes to statesmanship, Patrick seems to reserve the professionalism only for those who agree with him.

Texas legislators have proposed new laws that would keep abortion providers and their “affiliates”—specifically, Planned Parenthood—from providing sex education curriculum in public schools.

This proposed legislation is a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. While Planned Parenthood does provide community education on family planning and sex, there’s no evidence that the organization has been, as lawmakers allege, secretly infiltrating schools with a pro-abortion agenda.

School districts in Texas choose their sex ed curriculum via a school health advisory committee (SHAC) made up of mostly parents. The vast majority of SHACs choose abstinence-only programs that discuss contraception in terms of failure rates and little else, though an increasing amount are choosing “abstinence-plus” programs, which include “basic, factual information about contraception and disease prevention,” according to a 2011 study from the Texas Freedom Network.

HB 1057 is the Texas House’s version of this law, while SB 521 is winding its way through the Senate. Each would impose intrusive, big government-style restrictions on Texas parents and SHAC members to choose the sex ed curriculum they feel is right for their individual districts. The proposed laws would also require that parents opt their children into the programs, putting the state’s most vulnerable students, who have little parental oversight, in serious danger of receiving no sex education at school whatsoever.

At a committee hearing on SB 521 earlier this month, state Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston), chair of the Public Education Committee and a conservative talk radio show host, heard public testimony about the bill, which he supports. As is frequently the case when children are involved, things got heated—mostly for Dan Patrick, who spent the afternoon sniping and even yelling at Texans who respectfully disagreed with him. Here’s what that looked like.

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  • aspromised

    Kindergarten? seriously? Yah, that’s what PP does… promote sex to sell abortion. These people are deranged.

    • Corey Turner

      …and going on that (deranged) reasoning, wouldn’t NOT talking about contraception in any way be the way to increase the number of abortions? If that were PP’s intent (which it obviously is not), they would be shooting themselves in the foot.

      • Arachne646

        But maybe, since contraception always fails, and makes kids have sex more anyway–it actually promotes abortion! My experience to the contrary being only anecdotal, we know how accurate that is! ; )

        • pitbullwearinglipgloss

          The fact that Texas schools (at least in north texas) do not provide sex ed until Freshman year of HS is crazy! When we have a huge population getting pregnant at 13 and 14. If they provided sex ed like they did when I was 11, these kids would think twice after watch an orange stretch to hold a watermelon and push it through something the size of a half dollar! Even my neighbor came home appaulled after seeing the video in sex ed and I bet you that girl uses birth control to prevent that until she thinks she can bare that. Burying head in sand if we don’t talk about sex they won’t have it is ignorant way of thinking. This should be in schools everywhere and the parents add to the education. Some kids won’t talk to their parents about sex and vs. I totally agree that PP promotes good care first and foremost and always has.

          • Arachne646

            Comprehensive sex education (and not just scare tactics, though they are memorable–you’re proof) like the curriculum that Planned Parenthood uses has been shown not only to prevent teen pregnancy, abortion, and STD’s, but to delay the onset of first sexual experience; as opposed to the “abstinence only” type of sex education curricula, or nothing at all. Abstinence only is on the way out across American school districts because it’s been proven so conclusively to be a failure, but it’s not gone yet. I live far from Texas, but I would bet that it’s one of the abstinence education holdouts.

    • Carla Clark

      Especially given that Kindergarteners would be ready and willing to have sex, and given that the majority of them have working sexual reproductive organs… amirite? /sarcasm

  • Corey Turner

    Where I live, local council members tried to block the application for grants for sex education from PP because “PP only exists to kill babies. Any good they do is only to conceal their real evil intent – killing babies.” Never mind the fact that this PP affiliate does not even offer abortions, surgical or medical. Luckily, this ass-hat was out maneuvered and the application was able to be received anyways. But, he got his writeup in all the “pro-life” websites like he was some kind of hero.

    The unreal thing to me is that they think that PP wants to perform abortions, like they are their cash cow. PP is not a for-profit business. They provide reproductive care for women who can not afford it.

    • Carla Clark

      Also, those clinics that DO provide funding for abortions only list it as three percent of their revenue…. Hmm, their intent really is to kill babies, isn’t it? Oh… wait….

  • Nicole Tallman

    These people like to pretend that if we don’t educate our young about sex they won’t engage in it until they are married. And when one of their own gets knocked up before marriage, they scamper off to PP for an abortion and sweep the whole thing under the rug like it never happened.