• mindfuller

    Great article, thank you for your legal insights into the situation in Steubenville.

    For anyone interested in further information please check out the Steubenville coverage on our blog at http://mindfuller.tumblr.com/steubenville

  • jerradseibert@yahoo.com

    Nice read. Major fundamental problem: the accused are not guilty until proven so. Sounds obvious, but this article reads oblivious to that premise. It’s apparent you want them to be guilty for underlying reasons that I can only guess. At any rate, I find the entire event tragic. What any of those teens were doing and why is anyone’s guess. I do know one thing: we weren’t there, so any established beliefs derived from that night’s occurences are simply preemptive and irrational. Lets give the court process its due and let happen what will happen.

    • ksm167Z2Z2Z

      The defense attorney – what’s his name, Walter
      Madison – may as well be arguing that the earth is not round, but flat.
      Nevertheless, this is one of those rare cases where we actually were
      “there.” That you obviously refuse to believe it “is
      anyone’s guess.” Too, I suppose, it “is anyone’s guess”
      why any one of them didn’t pick up the hunting rifle, which sat within arm’s
      reach of one of the self-proclaimed “rape crew” members. But I’d
      willing to ‘guess’ that if they had actually shot her with that rifle, they
      likely would not have posted that particular portion of their video for the
      entire world to see. See? If that had been the case, then none of us could say
      that we had actually ‘been there’.

      Another thing that could be “anyone’s guess” is why these – what? I guess you could say, ‘proud’ – men aren’t being tried as adults. Madison is trying to argue that the victim was at the time a ‘consenting adult'; so, therefore, it sort of stands to ‘reason’ that the rapists – being about the same age, if not a little older even – be held accountable for their crimes as adults.

      There. Does that make it – the “court process” and everything else – seem more ‘rational’ for ya?

      • colleen2

        no, it does not. Nothing about this incident seems rational.

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