Not Content With Strictest Abortion Law in the Country, Rapert Wants to Defund Planned Parenthood

As the architect of the most restrictive successfully passed abortion ban in the country, Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert (R-Conway) has definitely made a name for himself. Perhaps upset that his bill was watered down (his original proposal banned abortion at approximately six weeks, but a 12-week version passed), Sen. Rapert isn’t resting on his laurels. Now he’s trying to cut off access to birth control too.

The state senator has introduced a bill that would refuse state or federal funding to any entity that performs or even offers referrals for abortions, in a direct swing at the state’s Planned Parenthood clinics.

Public dollars awarded to qualifying entities may facilitate or subsidize directly or indirectly expenses or activities not directly related to those for which the funds were intended, including without limitation shared administrative costs, overhead, employee salaries, rent, utilities, and various other expenses

(3) It is possible that public dollars made available by or through the State of Arkansas may be awarded to an entity that performs abortions or subsidizes or otherwise facilitates the entity’s ability to perform abortions although the funds were not disbursed specifically for the purpose of performing abortions;

The “Defunding the Abortion Industry and Advancing Women’s Health Act of 2012” likely got its retro name from Americans United for Life’s model legislation of the same name; the bills share many common points. Regardless of its origins, the purpose of the bill is clear: to cut off government funding to the two Planned Parenthood clinics in the state, both of which provide abortions. Sen. Rapert’s most recent anti-choice bill will make it extremely difficult for women to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and this assault on Planned Parenthood’s funding shows that his goal was never to “save babies,” but to force women into procreating.

Banning all abortion and eliminating birth control access? It looks like Sen. Rapert, who’s the founder of the evangelical Holy Ghost Ministries, is using his role in the legislature to get closer and closer to “[taking] this country back for the Lord.”

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  • helenavargas

    To take this country back for the (his) lord?? Is misogyny a central teaching in the christian creeds? Please, help me understand, because while I know it’s wrong and I know why they *say* they’re doing it, I just can’t believe that sentient humans who are licensed to drive cars can juggle this array of illogical notions, or express rational backing for their actions. And women are among them.
    Please help! I’m only in my 60s, but I don’t want to die without uderstanding this mystery.

    • chaskins

      I’m no theologian and actually do consider myself a theist however I think the abrahamic religions are innately anti woman. I don’t get that from reading jesus’s words as they are written but it doesn’t matter that isn’t what they are going by. You want to make abortion go away? Make birth control universal. Europe’s numbers on abortion beat ours hands down. However I have often thought the pro life crowd isn’t just about stopping abortion its also about preventing women from being able to have sex like men.. fairly consequence free among other things.

      • chaskins

        Also if I was married to this guy I’d be chewing the birth control pills like mad.

      • helenavargas

        Chaskins — Thanks much for that perspective! I was raised in the pre-evangelical southern baptist church, so it’s tough for me to disentangle that influence from the society of the 1950s-1960s (not very feminist-friendly, as I recall, and racist, and…) and all other things southern. Controlling women via controlling their bodies seems high on their list of priorities, but given the relative ineffectiveness of religions in controlling the beliefs and acts of their congregants, I’m still mystified as to the coherence of their anti-woman message.

        • HeilMary1

          Since male fetal idolators are almost always greedy, racist and looksist, I bring up bankrupting disfiguring childbirth calamities like obstetric fistulas, sepsis limb amputations, and cancers caused by female fetuses. You’d think they’d be grateful for the warnings, but they go ballistic with liar accusations. These pompous Viagra poppers go flat-earth on women’s health and human rights.

          And they post the most vile racist looksist comments and pics regarding the subject of athletic, stylish, GORGEOUS Michelle Obama. Why how dare slim black women retain an extra inch of hip width after childbirth! Yet the same fetal fascists complain that PP targets black communities with its clinic locations and that sex selection abortions are ruining India and China. But Reverend Hugh Hefner forbid that their own holy forced motherhood add permanent extra pounds to women’s bodies! The recently retired Washington Post ombudsman complained that anonymous bigots deluged a Post story on the first lady with unprintable insults. Several Post employees couldn’t keep up with deleting the hate avalanche.

          Anti-choicers damn women for not forcing all fertilized eggs to term, then damn the women again if childbirth ruins their looks and health. Then they demonize the forced-birth kids if the kids need medical aid or are intersexed gay!

    • HeilMary1

      My theory is that criminal Munchausen by Proxy psychosis is driving many of these holy sadists. They need our senseless suffering to atone for THEIR sins. “Mother” Teresa has been exposed by former volunteers like Hemly Gonzalez and authors Ann Sebba and Christopher Hitchens for criminally prolonging the suffering of India’s poor just so she could inflate her “sainthood” and “feel closer to Christ”. I encountered this tyranny with my own Catholic anti-choice disfiguring Munchausen by Proxy mom.

  • Kristen Adkins

    How did I know it would be some holier than thou man making assumptions about something he knows nothing about? These people are always against abortion and birth control, until they knock up the underage girl they’ve been cheating on their wife and other gf with.

    • HeilMary1

      I’m betting that someday we’ll learn that anti-abortion adulterer Randall Terry made his many conquests get abortions to avoid child support payouts.

      • Kristen Adkins

        wouldn’t surprise me at all! the biggest hipocrites are always the ones wanting to take away our rights, and when it comes to this topic it’s almost always men.

  • TerreSpencer

    If you do not like abortion, put all men in chastity belts.

  • Arakiba

    This guy wants to bring back the Dark Ages.

  • Heidi LaMarch

    Perhaps all teenage boys should be forced to get mandatory vasectomies. If they want kids, they pay to reverse it. No more abortions, no more birth control, no more runaway baby daddies. Of course STD’s would probably go through the roof, but you can’t win them all. /sarcasm.

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