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  • jruwaldt

    This is great. They make more per hour than I do as a librarian. I think there’s a minor error at the beginning of the article. I don’t think the Federal minimum wage of $2.13 and hour applies to all restaurant workers. Rather, I believe it only applies to servers and others who receive tips. Crew who don’t receive tips are paid the usual $7.25 an hour. This whole situation is still wrong, and some states with their own minimum wages require servers to be paid the state minimum wage plus tips.

    • http://www.facebook.com/donaldw Donald Wilson

      Actually: Many DO work full time and get benefits, and all the part timers get benefits too (and the benefits package is pretty good, to be honest)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.kruise Rob Kruise

    How can we affect the bigger corporations to follow this example? Currently working for Wal-Mart and They definitely need to get this picture!

  • Emily Springfield

    This is curious, given that my brother was offered a cooking job at the Roadhouse and was offered $8/hr. When he said he was making $12.25/hr + benefits at a local chain, the interviewer blinked and said “Our managers only make $12/hr.” Do the excellent wages only apply to servers?

    • Bluetonguelizard

      Curious indeed Emily, when I worked there one of the owners laughed in my face when I said my husband (who also worked there at the time) and I were looking to buy a house in Ann Arbor and pretty much said “on the wage we pay you you can’t afford to live in this town”. My hope is that they have progressed from this viewpoint. The Z is also most famous for it’s marketing.

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  • Erica_JS

    This is great, but I wonder how it would translate to a business that doesn’t charge $15 for a sandwich. (Not trying to insult Zingerman’s, just acknowledging it is the very top end of the market. How feasible would this approach be for a more “everyday” restaurant?)

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  • disqus_Ip1khcwvbs

    Your assessment is so completely flawed I don’t know where to begin – you’re blaming Herman Cain and his lobby? If a restaurant wants to pay more than $2.13 they are always welcome to do so – example Zingerman’s. And, good for Zingerman’s. Hopefully, it will set them further apart from the competition.

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  • rubyread

    I believe that the reason the min wage for servers hasn’t been raised is because of the FICA tip credit that businesses and/or business owners receive for the FICA tax paid on tips received in excess of the minimum wage (actually, it is for excess over $5.15 per hour, which is crazy since minimum wage is now $7.25). This is a hefty CREDIT, which means dollar for dollar reduction in the amount of tax owed by the business and/or business owner. Again, the wealthy benefit from the meager wages of the poor.

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