Montana Legislature Moves from Parental Notification to Parental Consent

One of the few anti-choice ballot measures to pass a full state vote in the 2012 election was a proposal to have all girls 15 and younger notify a parent prior to obtaining an abortion. Now, just a few short months later, the state legislature has decided that is not good enough. A new bill has been proposed that will force any minor girl under age 18 talk to get permission from a parent or guardian before she can access safe abortion care.

The Montana House has voted 59 to 41 to switch from notification to consent, and to raise the age of the teens who required to get it.

The Montana Supreme Court already acknowledges a right to privacy that extends even to a minor’s decision regarding pregnancy and abortion, and anti-choice advocates proposed their “under 16, parental notification” initiative specifically as a means to try to avoid any constitutional issues with a new law. Now, they are using the 2012 law as a justification for support for passing the full parental notification ban they originally sought but for which they knew they couldn’t get public support, especially with the courts already declaring a 1995 version unconstitutional. The Associated Press writes that, “Supporters of the measure have argued that strong public support for the notion of parental notification warrants a challenge to the past Montana Supreme Court decisions on related matters,” with one Representative urging legislators to ignore the constitutional problems and “‘just listen to the parents and pass this bill.'”

The House will need to vote on it one more time before it heads to the Senate for a vote as well.

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  • Maryanna Price

    “You’re old enough to be forced into motherhood and make medical decisions for the resulting child, but not old enough to make medical decisions for yourself.”

    Parental notification and consent laws are the most bald-faced of the human rights violations inherent in the forced-birth agenda.

    • Dezzydez

      I completely agree. I was about to write the same thing. A girl is old enough to give birth and parent, but not old enough to chose abortion. That makes no sense and just another way for force birthers to restrict a woman’s right.

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  • Tanya Nguyễn

    1) parents are often teh problem. Highly conservative parents do not allow their girls quality information about, or access to birth control. They may sometimes even be violent.
    2) parents are known to toss out kids for being pregnant. It’s not at all uncommon – in fact after being gay, it’s the second most common reason to throw daughters out of your home.
    3) sometimes, rarely, but still, the father or step parent may be the actual rapist in question.

    Yes, there are “judicial review” but it’s hard to get, and harder to prove.

    Can we finally come to terms with teh idea that the state, nor parents have no right FORCING A WOMAN (or girl) to be pregnant? forced pregnancy is slavery. it’s really that simple.

    • Dragonstaff

      No argument from me on this, but please, use ‘the’ rather than ‘teh’ in this sort of place if you want to be taken seriously.

      • Carla Clark

        Um, seriously, are you going to object to someone’s spelling, now?

    • Carla Clark

      Actually, I think it’s more often the case that the father or step parent IS the actual rapist.