Indiana Right To Life Says Vaginal Probes Aren’t Intrusive Because “I Got Pregnant Vaginally”

Anti-choice activists will go to great lengths to justify their intrusion into the doctor/patient relationship. The latest example? Indiana Right to Life legislative director Sue Swayze, who yesterday joined in with a number of Indiana Right to Life members to testify in favor of restrictions on RU-486 that would require the Lafayette, Indiana Planned Parenthood clinic to rebuild and reclassify as a surgical abortion center in order to continue providing medication abortions.

As part of the new protocol for administering a medication abortion, legislative bill SB 371 would require not only that a patient undergo a likely mandatory forced trans-vaginal ultrasound prior to receiving the medication to induce abortion, but another vaginal ultrasound during her mandated follow up two weeks after the abortion.

Swayze is now responding to critics who claim the multiple unnecessary probings are invasive.

Saying “she doesn’t understand the problem with the procedure,” Swayze told Brandon Smith of WBAA, “I got pregnant vaginally. Something else could come in my vagina for a medical test that wouldn’t be that intrusive to me. So I find that argument a little ridiculous.”

“Something else could come in my vagina for a medical test”? This is why lobbyists should not be writing medical policy.

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  • Lynnsey

    All other ridiculousness aside, the fact that some of these people (as she’s not the first to say this) don’t see a difference between having sex and a transvaginal ultrasound does speak volumes about them.

    • cjvg

      Actually they do not see the difference between voluntary and wanted as opposed to mandatory and unwanted.

  • keefers42

    the main reason the pro death lobby whats to stop the probes is be cause it proves you are killing a baby hot just tissue

    • Eden Murphy

      So you are of the mind that women are too stupid to know what is in their uterus and surely they would never have actually have taken a biology class or anything of that nature? It will change not a single mind. Forced ultrasound is for two reasons, to slut shame and to increase costs both of which make it harder for a woman to obtain an abortion.

    • bj_survivor

      Actually, ultrasound pictures just look like blobs of white noise, except to the trained eye. The willful ignorance and stupidity of forced-birthers never ceases to disgust and amaze me. Sadly, I cannot be amused because you somehow have such power over women’s lives.

      Now, I’m certain that you think that fully-formed babies are having their heads bashed in and then being ripped, screaming, from women’s wombs, whilst being torn limb from limb by a gleefully cackling abortionist, but that is simply not the case. In the case of medication abortion, a miscarriage is induced and the entire embryonic sac is expelled. It looks much like a blood clot. In fact, many women expel blood clots during normal menstruation that are much larger than the entire embryonic sac at the stages of gestation in which medication abortion is appropriate. During suction aspiration (surgical) abortion, the entire embryonic sac is also removed, not bits and pieces of “baby” like the forced-birthers would have us believe.

      In any event, the vast majority of abortions are performed during the first trimester (first 9 weeks since last menstrual period). Here are pictures of embryos at 6, 7, 8, and 9 weeks of pregnancy:

      Embryo 6 weeks LMP, 1/4 inches long

      Embryo 7 weeks LMP, 1/2 inches long

      Embryo 8 weeks LMP, 3/4 inches long

      Embryo 9 weeks LMP, 1.2 inches long

      These hardly look like babies, more like aliens.

      What’s ironic, sad, and infuriating, is that forced-birthers have succeeding in banning the late-term abortion procedure, intact dilation and extraction (aka “partial-birth abortion), which allows removal of the fetus fully intact, so that now the only procedure available is dilation and extraction, which is not only less safe for the woman, but requires removing the fetus piece by piece. In the past, I have sincerely tried to have empathy for the “pro-life” position, but I have long since come to realize that forced-birthers don’t actually care about “preserving life” but are motivated by narcissism, misogyny and on increasing the amount of suffering in the world.

      • Lynnsey

        The same people who ignore the reality you just posted are those who believe that every woman who has an abortion is having one for funsies at 37 weeks gestation so she’ll fit into her swimsuit in time for beach season…

        • bj_survivor

          That’s TOTALLY my idea of fun! My first trimester surgical abortion absolutely tickled, a full-term one would be positively orgasmic! Of course, I gleefully cackled the whole procedure through. /sarcasm

          FFS, the dumb just makes one me want to repeatedly bang my head against a brick wall sometimes. I hear the trope about the the flighty skank who has an abortion at 8 months to 9 months less 1 day so, so often from forced-birthers, JAQ-offs, and pro-choice-‘but’ers alike and the inanity of it (and that far too many in positions of power take it seriously) never ceases to make me wish that willful stupidity and misogyny would result in spontaneous combustion.

    • Sharon Fay Diehl

      My dear dumbass, Keefers42, there is no talking with people like you. You’re likely a bible-thumping creationist and have no idea of how reproduction works inside a woman’s body. For example, are you aware that 60-to-80% of fertilized eggs, i.e., embryos, are flushed out of a woman’s body during the menses? I’ve had unbelieving bible-thumping nuts think that only unfertilized eggs get flushed from women during menstrual flow. March of Dimes data shows that 50% of fertilized eggs that do imbed in the uterine wall miscarry–spontaneous abortion. Therefore, god aborts more “babies” than the medical profession. I’m soooo tired of the “murdering babies” shriekers. I’m so tired of the bible-thumping politicians with their stupid legislation that fools no one and is solely meant to keep women pregnant and poor and subservient to silly religious dogma.

      • bj_survivor

        Every time I think that Republicans and other forced-birthers couldn’t possibly get more stupid…Some nutjob recently claimed that the wombs of women on HBC were full of the corpses of dead babies. Why they’re not dying of sepsis, of course, was not explained.

    • bj_survivor

      Yes, let’s force those selfish Slutty McSluts to create children.
      That’ll show ’em. And being the horribly selfish, murderous sluts that
      they are, they’ll make fantastic mothers!

    • cjvg

      Not really, we know what a baby is, and it has to be at least past the point of viability (24 weeks of gestation in a normal healthy fetus) to get that designation.
      Also if she was not aware of this fact, why would she be seeking an abortion to prevent the continuation of that pregnancy to eventually after a long and bodily taxing gestational period to lead to a baby?
      Besides, you think forcing a woman who is so stupid that she does not know that a pregnancy leads to a baby should be forced to raise a child?!
      Not a good idea.

    • David Evans

      RU486 is used in the first 7 weeks of pregnancy. At that time the fetus is less than half an inch long and has barely begun to develop a brain. It is not a baby. I imagine you would have to look quite hard to even be sure you were seeing it on ultrasound.

  • S.E.B. MD

    This is what we are dealing with in Indiana.

  • Eden Murphy

    Proof of “slut shaming”…yeah I think so. What Swayze actually said ” The slut spread her legs once, now it’s free for all and everyone…silly girl”.

    • bj_survivor

      Yep. It’s mind-boggling that forced-birthers (also, “pro-choice-‘but’ers”) just cannot grasp the very basic concepts of consent and bodily autonomy. But, of course, only as they apply to females and only females (I say “females” because not all uterus-having persons are women, some are little girls). You don’t see them advocating for mandatory blood and organ donation, because such advocacy would necessarily include men, whose personhood and right to bodily autonomy are sacrosanct. Even corpses have the right to refuse to donate tissues and body parts, but not fertile females. Hmm, why might that be? Couldn’t possibly be misogyny, could it?

      • Collean Wilson

        As long as we women let this shit continue, without the violent removal of male sexual organs…… we deserve what we get.

  • squirrely girl

    Wow… same argument used by folks to claim it’s not possible to rape non-virgins or women with whom you’ve had sex with previously. :/

    • bj_survivor

      Did you know that it wasn’t until 1993 that all 50 states legally recognized marital rape? But, according to Republicans, MRAs, and Libertarians, we are totally post-sexist and have been for decades.

      • Aphra Behn

        MRAs are scum. So are the other ones.

  • pi31415

    Really? So by her logic, any woman who has sex with one man has made herself open and available to any and all men. Is this really what she’s saying? I wonder if that applies to her, too?

    • Collean Wilson

      All men and any object that someone can insert into her….. whether she wants this done or not.

  • Rjspa

    With that logic, men who have sex have just opened the doors to allowing the government to place their penis into whatever hole they choose! You know, equal rights right?!

    • Collean Wilson

      Now you know that doesn’t count. The rules are for women and girls only.

  • tpcowberry

    I wish Indiana republicans would stop saying and doing things that make it an embarrassment for me to admit that I’m from Indiana.

    • Collean Wilson

      Welcome to the embarrassment room Indiana…… let me introduce you, oh I am Alabama, and over here is Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and over there you will see Arizona ::whispering::: Ari as we call her is really screwed up so we kind of leave her to herself. We are going to have to move to a new place if all this foolishness keeps up. It used to be only the southern states, but it seems everyone is getting on the embarrassment bandwagon now. : )

      • HeilMary1

        LOL! We need sympathy greeting cards for this — living in embarrassing Teatard states.

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  • momjones

    The war on American women and domination over their vaginas is an ongoing GOP agenda plan. All this as they starve the children they would force breed. This is insanity.

  • Collean Wilson

    Hmmmmmmm….. maybe she is just trying to tell you she likes foreign objects inserted into her vagina. How about my foot!

    • bj_survivor

      Hey, we could do a double foot penetration. Since she got pregnant vaginally and presumably gave birth vaginally, then two feet should be a piece of cake! Why on earth would she object to that?

  • cjvg

    So basically once that vagina has been used once , i the owner of that vagina, have no right to refuse anyone or anything else from entering against my will?!

    I guess in her opinion rape is not a crime either, as long as your not a virgin.
    After all you had a penis in your vagina once so having another one put in is not a big deal.
    “Consent, just not for women anymore” seems to be the new slogan of the rabid anti-choice crowd and the GOP
    Just because she likes to be forced to undergo unneeded and unwanted medical procedures does not mean she speaks for all women

    • HeilMary1

      “Consent, just not for women anymore”
      That would be a great bumper sticker!

  • Aphra Behn

    And because I have had a pap test, I suppose anyone can just come along and shove something up there and it wouldn’t matter to me at all.

  • Joan Juner

    I guess she thinks rape is okay since she already had sex with someone else

    • bj_survivor

      Oh, that’s a given with these nutjobs. Also, rape babies are gifts from god. Why anyone of conscience would worship such a monster is, of course, not explained.

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  • Colleen Winters

    Can I call it rape because I don’t want them in my body, then?

  • nettwench14

    These people are the most fatuous LIARS that I have ever seen in my life. It would be difficult to exaggerate the duplicity, cynicism, and just lousy SINFULNESS of lying like this while pretending to do something NOBLE, and while pretending that you are doing this for the GOOD of these poor women that you are totally hell-bent on making patronizing decisions for! Saturday Night Live could not write parody like this, because it would be considered too outrageous! Day after day I find myself nearly speechless with anger at what these people are doing , while they disingenuously go around making speeches about FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and getting government INTRUSION out of our lives, while they continue to perpetuate the most ridiculous level of government INTRUSION (literally!) that I could possibly imagine!

    Women are apparently not to be trusted with anything resembling FREEDOM. Do we need our OWN 2nd Amendment proclaiming our god-given (or not!) ability to not be forced to have children because of other people’s religious beliefs? In a country where one of the founding principles is the separation of church and state, although conservatives frequently pretend otherwise, in their fantasy that Jefferson and Franklin were evangelical Christians, not Deists as we well know. This is the new SLAVERY for women in the 21st century. How many centuries did it take for technology to finally give some self-determination over their own lives? And how many days does it take to destroy that freedom?

  • GaLiberal

    Who can argue with logic like hers. Its just so typical of the far right to take disperate issues and use them to support their false conclusions.

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  • Marlowe53

    Everything aside, I have had a vaginal ultrasound for a different medical issue. It was PAINFUL. I couldn’t say, it hurts, stop it, because it was looking for cysts on my ovaries. Women who are forced to have vaginal ultrasounds required by legislators, not doctors, will be raped by the government. Nothing more and nothing less.