Amendment to Mississippi Medication Abortion Ban Infuriates Anti-Choicers

A bill that would severely limit the ability for women to obtain medication abortions in Mississippi was debated in the state Senate, and was amended to respond to concerns from the Mississippi Medical Association, which worried that the legislature’s attempts to regulate how medicine could be practiced off-label could have serious repercussions for the profession.

Associated Press reporter Emily Wagster Pettus reports that:

The Mississippi State Medical Association said in a memo to lawmakers: “Mississippi physicians have strong and serious concerns about SB 2795.”

The association said the original bill could’ve criminalized doctors for practicing medicine according to accepted standards of care.

Amending the bill to allow physicians to continue to use the drugs as they do under standard of care, versus by the outdated FDA protocol, left anti-choice advocates furious. Terri Herring, President of Pro-Life Mississippi, lashed out on twitter, calling the senator who proposed the amendment a “Judas” and complaining that the bill was useless now. “Abortion Drug Regulations Bill SB2795 gutted by Senate before passing. Republican Senator Wiggins took the life out of our pro-life bill.”

The bill will now head to the House, where they will consider the amended version.

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  • Deb Penny McManus

    Legislators need to stop telling doctors how to practice medicine.