• Kari O’Driscoll

    It is only “eugenics” if it is promoted en masse by a group in power. In the last 40 years that abortion has been legal in the United States, have we seen an eradication of an entire set of humanity with disabilities? No. It simply won’t happen despite the poisonous rhetoric and dire warnings of the right to life movement. Stay out of my medical decisions and I will stay out of yours, folks. You can’t legislate my life experience no matter how badly you want to.

  • Jennie Finley

    Banning abortion for fetal “anomalies” is *compassionate*?? Read this story and tell me how “compassionate” it is to make ANY woman go through this.


    • HeilMary1

      But you know fetal idolators really just want to torment any “unworthy and sinful” disabled people who cross their sanctified paths!

  • Maryanna Price

    Any and all restrictions on abortion are human rights violations, no matter how ‘icky.’ What you are seeing now is the natural consequence of attempting to reach “common ground” with forced-birth terrorists. Abortion IS a black and white issue: Either women are humans or they are not. There is not, and cannot, be any middle ground on my personhood.

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