Alabama Senator Wants to Ban Abortion Because The Bible Tells Him So

Often in the last few years we’ve seen abortion bills wrapped in the guise of preserving women’s health and safety, in ending discrimination, or on medically-disproven claims. So it’s almost refreshing to listen to Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill admit that the motive for all of his abortion restrictions is that he thinks this is what God wants him to do.

Sen. McGill makes it clear in his remarks that his upcoming “personhood” bill is as much about starting a conversation about scripture as social policy, and he quotes that scripture a lot. Via the Daily Sentinel:

“Just based on the Scripture alone, the Psalm that talks about God knowing us before he placed us in our mother’s womb, is enough for me to know that that is a life inside of a mother,” said McGill, R-Macedonia.

“So my question concerning aborted babies is, where do they go, heaven or hell? I just want to know what [people’s] perspective is.”

The senator said that, after prayer, he thinks life begins at the moment of fertilization, be it inside the mother or “creatively outside the mother’s womb.”

“That union between the sperm and the egg is where life begins, and maybe where God places his spirit inside that child, so to speak,” McGill said. “Therefore, I would hope that the legislation that we push in the future would state that all the eggs fertilized need to be placed in the mother’s womb.”

Lucky for Sen. McGill, his bible is pretty flexible when he wants it to be. After all, it is the same bible that he claims says that teacher salaries need to be low so only those who are called to the job will do it rather than those who might be attracted by money.

Still we can at least give Sen. McGill kudos for being honest about his motives. It’s far more than we can say about most of the rest of his anti-choice compatriots.

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  • daisiesndaffodils

    That verse was God talking specifically to only one person – Jeremiah I believe.

    Shadrack’s out in 2014. This guy is a certified nutbag.


    • bj_survivor

      It’s just more proof that forced-birthers are narcissistic dipshits who truly believe they, themselves, are prophets for their imaginary sky daddy.

  • rabbi-dennis-s-ross

    The word “abortion” does not appear in the Bible, not in the Jewish Bible and not in the New Testament. The Bible talks about miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility and more, but when it comes to “abortion,” the Bible is silent.

    Instead of reading unwarranted interpretations about abortion into the Bible, people need to look elsewhere if they want to oppose keeping abortion safe and legal.

  • therealistmom

    I’m a devout atheist BUT every Jewish scholar I have read who is not steeped in overly Orthodox interpretations takes a common sense view to just about everything. So much is left to individual conscience. Thank you for being a voice of reason. :)

  • wolfpack

    Obviously this man had not read his Bible as he claims, otherwise he would not have said what he did. Or perhaps, being from the South, he is functionally illiterate. His Bible no doubt states when life begins and it is clear in his “holy” book is full of holes. God does not consider a baby a living being until he breaths the first breath of life into it. So when a woman has an abortion, it is not considered a living being in God’s eyes. And then there is the verse where God talks of ripping they fruit from thy womb and dash it’s little heads upon the rocks. Now if that is not an abortion, what is, even though it is a rather crude way of doing this medical procedure.


    • bj_survivor

      Seriously. The wholly babble is full of Yahweh-condoned killings of babies and children (along with genocide, human sacrifice, rape, incest, et cetera, ad nauseum) and fetuses aren’t given any consideration whatsoever. Take the story of Tamar in Genesis 38 for example. She was condemned to death for harlotry, which was proven by the existence of her pregnant belly. Without incontrovertible proof that it was, indeed, her father-in-law who impregnated her, both she and her fetuses would have perished. If the Hebrews or their imaginary sky daddy thought that fetuses were persons, I would think they would have waited to execute her until after she had given birth, right?

      But the vast majority of christians have not read their own vile holy book. They merely parrot what some priest or pastor has said regarding their imaginary sky daddy. When I was a christian, I indeed read the entire wholly babbly cover-to-cover, because I wanted to get to know my god. Reading it turned me into an ex-christian, then eventually into an atheist.

  • purplemistydez

    I do not give a damn what his bible says or what his religious beliefs are.  His beliefs are his own and should keep them to himself.  I am an atheist and I do not want anything from the bible deciding what I do with my life or body.  Keep your myths and imaginary friend to yourself Senator!!

  • David Evans

    “So my question concerning aborted babies is, where do they go, heaven or hell?”

    The babies have committed no sin.

    Because God is omnipotent, he is able to send them all to Heaven.

    Because God is just, loving and merciful, he is willing to send them to Heaven.

    Therefore they go to Heaven.

    Next question?