• big-softy

    I’m almost in awe of this guy, he takes crazy to a whole new level.

  • cade

    Why don’t these people ever have a crisis of faith from realizing that God murders countless “mini babies” all the time–appox. 50% of all fertilzed ovum by creditable medical etimates–via spontanteous abortions and miscarriages. Not only that, God is so cruel as to make many of these “mini babies” just “vanish” without the woman or anyone else ever knowing about them and their innocent “personhood”, with  their mini baby corpses being fushed out of the womb via a woman’s mentrautual cycle or an early miscarriage before the woman can possibly know she was pregnant. How are women suppose to feel those required feelings of sinfulness, guilt and self-loathing if she didn’t even know her body rejected a fertilized ovum/mini baby and it got flushed down the toilet or thrown out on a used feminine hygienet product? You’d think God would make sure she or someone else knew so to make that woman aware of how evil she was and force her to repent for the death of her innocent mini baby. God, that tricky bastard.

  • give-em-hell-mary

    But if you demand they hold funeral masses for all their “baby” tampons flushed out by caffeinated drinks, their heads explode in holy rage.

  • http://notladylike.blogspot.ca/ FormerlyLisaS

    I think I died a little inside while reading the transcript of his radio show on feminists. I never realized that I hated my family and my husband and my son…..geeze. I would laugh at all this UTTER BULL, but people actually believe this crap. If I said something (out loud) along the lines of: “my uterus is filled with tiny dead fetuses” I would expect people to laugh at me, and hand me a reproductive health textbook, or something. Not nod in agreement, and throw money at me, so that I can help those poor dead babies that never stood a chance against those ugly feminists.

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