Idaho Legislator Equates a Woman’s Right to Choose with Being a Prostitute

If a woman gets to choose to terminate a pregnancy, where will she stop? That was the question that came from Idaho Representative Ron Mendive at a luncheon when he debated Monica Hopkins of the ACLU. According to Mendive, if you support abortion, you must support every “choice” a woman makes, including selling sex.

Via the Spokesman Review:

Mendive asked the organization’s executive director, Monica Hopkins, if she felt the ALCU should support prostitution since it supports a woman’s right to choose abortion. Mendive then said that prostitution is also “a woman’s choice.” Hopkins said a woman’s right to reproductive health care is constitutionally protected, while prostitution is illegal. She also reminded Mendive that prostitution is not always a choice…

Mendive, who won the seat with the support of Idaho Chooses Life, considers Roe to be “an example of a law imposed by unelected judges. Result: a dismissal of an individual’s contribution to the legislative process.”

Directly under that statement, on his candidate website, Mendive states “I believe that an individual’s health-care decision is between that individual and their health care provider.”

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  • maggie-mcneill

    When will the ACLU and other “allies” stop undermining sex worker rights? It IS a woman’s right to choose to sell sex, just as much as it’s her right to have an abortion.  “Prostitution is illegal” is a moronic and offensive argument; abortion was illegal in many parts of the US until 1973; did that make it “wrong”?  Is it still wrong in places where it’s still illegal?  Bodily autonomy isn’t only about abortion; it’s about every human being’s right to control his or her own life without interference from moralistic busybodies who deny our agency, no matter which side of the so-called “political spectrum” they hail from.

  • lisakaz

    Between an individual and provider? That’s what the ruling allows! Furthermore, it’s what the policy on insurance and birth control enables. It is “conservatives” like this guy who think bosses should have more say regarding birth control affordability than individuals (or individuals and doctors).

  • crowepps

    The Fugitive Slave Acts used to make it illegal to refuse to cooperate in returning a slave to bondage, something most of us would now agree was immoral.