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Virginia Legislators Move to Offense to Win Back Reproductive Rights

Senator Ralph Northam. (Bill Tiernan/The Virginian Pilot)

Can we encourage every state to follow their lead?

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They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Cuccinelli Supports Civil Disobedience as Method of Flouting Birth Control Benefit

Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli. (AP Photo via Fox News)

The “pro-life” folk are upping their violent rhetoric when it comes to stopping women from preventing pregnancy.

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First Circuit Again Upholds Massachusetts’ Clinic Buffer Zone Law

(Dig Boston)

The First Circuit Court of Appeals has made it clear that women and clinic workers have a right to safely access abortion clinics.

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Indiana Accuses Planned Parenthood of Performing Illegal Second Trimester Abortion — During the First Trimester

State Sen. Mike Delph. (Alan Petersime/Star 2011 file photo)

Why shouldn’t politicians legislate medicine? For one thing, their lack of medical knowledge.

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Kansas Law Banning Private Insurance Coverage for Abortion Headed to Trial

U.S. District Court Judge Julie Robinson. (Thad Allton/The Capital-Journal)

A federal judge denied a request to block the 2011 law, holding a trial was necessary to determine if forcing a woman to buy special insurance for abortion care violates Roe v. Wade.

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Planned Parenthood Gives Up the “Pro-Choice” Label: What Does It Mean for the Movement?

This week, Planned Parenthood announced it will let go of the “pro-choice” label, concerned that the pro-life/pro-choice framework for abortion doesn’t resonate with the general public that holds many more conflicting positions on abortion.

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Mississipi to Bring Back “Heartbeat Ban” this Legislative Session and Personhood in 2014

Governor Phil Bryant. (Urban Christian News)

If Mississippi’s only clinic does manage to stay open it may not matter, since abortion might be banned all together anyway.

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