• freewomyn

    Thank you for this article, Steph. I completely agree.  I really feel like all the organizations you mentioned are following a very corporate model.  Planned Parenthood consistently minimizes the number of abortions it performs.  Yes, they provide a wide variety of health services.  But don’t hide the fact that you perform abortions, too.  That is healthcare.  Period.


    I appreciate that you talk about “patients” and “people” who need healthcare.  Transmen need abortions, too.  Some of us are gender androgynous.  Let’s use more inclusive language.


    And let’s definitely root for all the abortion funds who are busting ass to help people pay for their healthcare.  While we work outside the corporate model, I think we’re making the bigger difference.


  • radicalhousewife

    ….I agree.  Thanks for an important piece.

  • emma

    Wonderful and important post.

  • arekushieru

    Um, the minimization that you refer to, freewomyn, should be taken in context.  They minimize the number of abortions performed, in response to anti-choicers claims….

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