• whosrunningthisplace

    Great blog article, Kari Rinker!  How pathetically totalitarian and pigheaded most of our Kansas government has become.  Worse yet, it is sad how naive and apathetic the citizens, some voting some not, have allowed themselves to become.   Something I wonder about, since 9/11, gun ownership has escalated to beyond record levels.  Availability, affordability, accessibility to practice, technology or ammo and magazines,  have all increased and improved beyond belief.  So, if we use the NRA’s logic, and their minion members professing of their logic, shouldn’t we find a decrease in crime and murder, and school assault shootings?  You see, more guns, especially assault weaponry and clips, does mean more innocents die.  Armed guards have always successfully protected themselves, but the proof is that it doesn’t make any difference for those sitting unknowingly down the hall, in the bathrooms,  the lunchrooms, etc.  They still get shot!  I guess if you are a lawmaker sitting back in some dark office behind airport type security, you might not have a true perspective of the dangers of mixing assault weaponry with wild-eyed gun ownership. 


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