• kboehne

    ” The anti-abortion movement has long tolerated an extremist wing that has murdered eight members of the abortion providing community and has terrified thousands of other providers and patients.”  - are you kidding me?

     How many unborn babies are being murdered in the womb each day?  You really can’t comment on Sandy Hook if you are pro-abortion.  Pro-abortion people would have cheered on the Sandy Hook mothers had they chosen to murder their children 6 yers ago.  Now that someone other than their mothers have killed them it becomes murder to the pro-abortion people.  You are all so inconsistant.  Can you at least be consistant?  You either are for murder or against murder.  You can’t be both for and against.  

  • crowepps

    There is a considerable difference between the two situations for any reasonable person, but your attempt to coopt the horrible deaths of 20 children to justify your political opinions is noted.

    Of course, one could equally well say ”You really can’t comment on Sandy Hook if you are pro-life.    Pro-life people would have cheered on the deaths of the Sandy Hook teachers so long as they were happening from complications of childbirth.”

  • give-em-hell-mary

    You ignore the crucial detail that fetuses grossly maim, murder and bankrupt mothers.  Already born children are no longer internal cancer-like medical threats to their mothers.  If already born kids are mentally ill and toting deadly weapons, then they threaten everyone around them.  All abortions are self-defense, but you oppose self-defense against deadly, brainless fetal tissue.  You can’t support self-defense by teachers and students against gun-wielding intruders, then oppose self-defending abortions by mothers.  Can you at least be consistant?  You either are for self-defense or against self-defense.  You can’t be both for and against.

  • purplemistydez

    No babies are being killed.  Fetuses are being terminated.  If you don’t know the difference between a first trimester fetus and school age children, well we can’t fix stupid.

  • pegjohnston

    This is a good discussion of STRATEGY and techniques of one issue politics. Can we stop the “murdering babies” rhetoric to just take in these tactical points. The most difficult suggestion, to my mind, is stigmatizing gun sales, manufacture, or ownership. Those who profit from gun sales are beyond any disapproval from moderate or liberal citizens. Those who own AK 47′s and similar weapons are unknown to most of us and are certainly beyond our critique. Like inveterate smokers, our criticism only encourages them. Still, it’s good to step back and look at strategy. Perhaps we should engage in respectful, meaningful dialogue with participants at the next gun show/sale. Might help us understand what these folks are about. Now that is NOT a tactic that the anti’s have tried!

  • ithinktoomuch

    We have to have liability insurance on our cars, something which is supposed to be safe and is occasionally lethal. Why not require liability insurance on guns, whose entire point of existance is lethality? The promise of a low premium or the threat of a higher one might even get some gun owners to invest in trigger-locks and generally become more responsible about handling and storage!

  • kurt-prochnow

    Chipping away at the right to own guns can create a big complication. If the restrictions get tighter than the demand, then the black market will provide the supply to make up the difference. In the [not so] good old days before Roe, it was neccessary for those who wanted an abortion in a locality where it was restricted had to either travel to where they could get one, or make a connection with a shady unregulated abortion provider, often at great risk. If the gun laws are made too restrictive, you could have the same situation, but worse. The back alley gun dealers one would have to seek out are armed!

  • colleen

    If the restrictions get tighter than the demand, then the black market will provide the supply to make up the difference.

    Well then we’ll just have to be putting a lot of white Republican males in jail for a change.

  • sarah-connor
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