• toomanyjasons

    I think the authorities already have enough information about our lives.  Don’t give them any more!!

  • swafo2u

    This is an interesting article, in light of what Herr Zelder said concerning Supreme Court decisions.  According to Austin Radio KLBJ:

    “State Representative Bill Zelder’s proposal doesn’t specifically mention the Islamic Law known as Sharia, but he says Texas Courts should be no place for anything other than laws written by American Legislatures. Zelder says he is concerned because the U.S. Supreme Court recently cited international law in deciding a case involving the death penalty.” 

    I suppose if MDs or patients refuse to supply the requisite data, he would never press to have it brought to trial, seeing that the law was not enacted by TX legislature…  Bwahahahaha!  Right!  How do idiots like this get elected?  Oh, yeah… it’s TX.

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