Michigan Legislature Gives Final Approval to “Super-Bill” Overnight

Sometime after midnight, the Michigan House and Senate both voted one last time on HB 5711, giving concurrence to a final version of the bill. The Michigan legislators have remained in session almost around the clock, rushing to pass conservative legislation during this lame-duck session under the cover of night. Republicans will maintain a majority in the State House in January, though they did lose 4 seats in the recent election. Many of Michigan’s Democratic leaders identify as anti-choice as well; 35 of the 47 House Democrats voted in opposition to the bill–a solid majority, but far from a clean divide along party lines.

The only hope now for stopping this dangerously restrictive legislation—which will force clinics to close, block access to abortion via tele-medicine for women in rural areas (many who are struggling financially and lack resources to travel), and subject all abortion-seeking women to hypocritical “coercion screenings”—is a veto from Governor Snyder. The bill is now awaiting his signature.

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