They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Is Your Partner a “Stimulating Occasion for Orgasm?”

Note: Think that anti-choice politicians and activists aren’t trying to outlaw contraception?  Think again.  Follow along in an ongoing series that proves beyond a doubt that they really are coming for your birth control.

It’s time to talk sacrifices. No, not human. Not virgin.

Your “intimate treasures.”

No, this isn’t dirty talk, this is, as always, about babies.

Baklinski, a “Sacred Theology” scholar, goes a little off subject in a recent LifesiteNews article that is meant to explain why it is imperative that homosexuals not be allowed to get married and why it threatens “traditional” marriage. Unsurprisingly, the argument revolves around marriage for procreation, etc., but sidelines for a bit into why contraception is just as harmful to marriage as the gays.

The destroyers of the family began by splitting husbands apart from wives. They did this by introducing contraception into the sexual act under the guise of ‘sexual freedom’. With contraception, spouses took each other’s intimate treasure of fertility and sacrificed it on the altar of sexual freedom so as to increase their sexual availability with ‘no consequences.’

But in disregarding the ‘whole person’ by excluding fertility, contracepting husbands and wives began to relate to one another merely as stimulating occasions for orgasm.

Oh no! The babies are being sacrificed on the altar!  Won’t someone save them?

It’s an interesting line of euphemisms that Baklinski offers. Fertility is a treasure, yet the actual offspring is a “consequence” of sex. It’s almost like there is mindset where creating life is sacred and protected, but the actual life child itself is a punishment that a couple must endure for the sake of having sex.

I’m sorry. I mean for having “stimulating occasions for orgasms.”

The juxtaposition from treasure to consequence is very reminiscent of the same political mentality that cuts off access to abortion, emotionally manipulates those who are pregnant into giving birth, then refuses to provide support for the family once the child is born.

If you are planning to stimulate a few occasions with your partner, and intend to sacrifice your treasure, you’d better be sure you have some contraception on hand to be safe. Because they are definitely coming for your birth control.

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  • prochoiceferret

    Man: “Hey, babe. You look like a stimulating occasion for orgasm.”

    Woman: “Would you like my intimate treasure of fertility?”

    Man: (pulls out condom) “I’d like to sacrifice it on the altar of sexual freedom.”

    Woman: “Let’s enjoy a night of no consequences.”

    (they exit, stage right)


  • jessicawyant

    As s liberal newlywed, I felt the need to read this article to my husband.  I added my two cents, stating “What if I don’t want you to be a baby maker?  What if I just want to use you for stimulating occasion for orgasm?”  He replied, “I’m OK with that.  It’s my favorite way to be used.”

    Though, I guess we’re working just as hard as “the gays” to destroy marriage – We were coworkers, then we were “friends with benefits”, then we were just friends (no benefits), then we became a couple who dated and slept together for over 5 years before getting married in a non-religious ceremony.  We’ve been married 3.5 months now and I’m not pregnant yet, so we’re doing our best to destroy the sancity of marriage, one unfertilized egg at a time. 

  • wolfwytch

    ProChoiceFerret, you are an absolute joy! Thank you

  • give-em-hell-mary

    “we’re doing our best to destroy the sancity of marriage, one unfertilized egg at a time”

    LOL! — that’ll make some pedophile priests’ heads explode with holy horror!

  • give-em-hell-mary

    Because you know the only kind of non-procreative sex doggedly defended by these pompous perps is that between themselves and unwilling altar boys or paid hookers.

  • jruwaldt

    You said “dogged.” Of course, with the reference to altar boys, that isn’t so funny. Anyway, we need all the “stimulating occasion[s] for orgasm” we can get!