• big-softy

    This is a far cry away from UK laws on this subject.

    Over here, pregnant women have the right to pee pretty much anytime and anywhere they please.  In fact the law allows her to pee on a public highway, and even allows her to pee in a Policeman’s helmet upon request.  Although I can’t imagine your average copper granting that request.

    It’s from an anachronistic assumption that were a woman to give birth unexpectedly, the hard round nature of the helmet would be a perfect receptacle to catch a newborn.  The law might be obsolete, but it’s still on the statute books.

    Any UK employer trying to restrict access might well be faced with a woman’s right to pee right at her workstation with total impunity.

  • pheasantweber

    I enjoyed reading this. I had a situation in the past where people were whining that the women were taking too many bathroom breaks. However, they were all smokers (I am not). They would take just as many smoke breaks plus their bathroom breaks. SEXISM! I find it so weird when I hear stories of companies complaining about bathroom breaks. Trust me, you don’t want to know what is going on in there! Very intrusive.


  • ryotterox

    I had this same experience when working for a call center during my first pregnancy, and I wasn’t even to the excessive peeing part yet. I was expected to puke in a trashcan under my desk without missing a beat in my phone calls, or else I would be sent home. And then they told me I would be fired if I missed one more day, because they couldn’t attribute the days I was sent home to pregnancy until AFTER I saw an OB (even if the OB sent a note explaining how long I’d been pregnant) and as a Medicaid patient I had to see a free clinic and jump through some hoops first so I didn’t see an OB until 12 weeks – about the time morning sickness ended. All four supervisors I dealt with on this issue were male. Call centers in general are horrible places to work.

  • wendy-banks

    I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my daughter and some of the guys at work bitched at me about it and my need to hospitalized twice– I told them I would cheerfuly throw up in a trash can right in front of them– They told me to use the bathroom after that. I would even use the mens room if the ladies was locked. Any port in a storm ;)

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