Americans United for Life: Abortion Must Be Made Illegal So Women Can Prove They Can Have It All

There’s a strong measure of paternalism that threads through the batch of model legislation churned out in the recent years by the anti-choice group Americans United for Life. “Informed consent” bills that mandate coercive information because they don’t believe a woman is capable of making her own decisions, bans on abortions in the second trimester to “protect” a woman’s health, regardless of best medical practices or decisions made between a woman and her doctor.

It should be no wonder then that, during a press conference promoting all of the alleged social and emotional ills that have riddled the country in the 40 years since Roe v. Wade was decided, that an AUL representative argued that abortion should be all together banned so that women can prove that they don’t need it.

Via Lifenews:

Americans United for Life Vice President of External Affairs and Corporate Counsel Jeanneane Maxon noted that the people most hurt by the radical abortion policies of the United States have been women and girls “who have been told that they are inadequate to handle both work and family and must act like men to make it in a man’s world.

The abortion industry has allowed women to be harmed physically, mentally and socially by telling them to deny their true potential and insisting they choose either work or family, because they’ll never succeed at both.”

“Big Abortion has fought against commonsense limits every step of the way. But it is most ironic that the abortion industry uses anti-women messaging to sell their product – telling women that they just can’t succeed at balancing the demands of work and family, and need abortion to make it in a man’s world. We have gone from a world in which women and girls were told they cannot succeed to a world in which they are told they can’t succeed without abortion. But women do not need abortion to succeed. It is time to allow women to succeed and to start working for a world in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law.”

If “big abortion” is allegedly using anti-women messaging, it would be no more ironic than the anti-choice movement using “pro-women” messaging in which it repeatedly claims that women can best be helped and remain autonomous by having all of her choices made for her by legislators.

No one doubts that women can handle careers and families. All we ask is that the balance of the two should be left completely up to us, and not influenced by anti-choice activists who believe that not being pregnant is “denying them of their true womanhood.

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  • mscadem

    Think first sentence of last paragraph should read:  No one doubts that women can handle careers and families.

  • veggietart

    Wow, they keep twisting themselves into pretzels to try to deny they’re anti-women.  We’re not buying it.

  • chrisbaird

    Supposed pro-choice advocates are the ones waging a war on women when they seek to deny women an informed choice. “Pro-choice” to too many advocates means “abortion at all costs” even if it means  keeping mothers in the dark about their own body. Stop the War of Women! Let them know about their bodies.


  • ken-okelley

    As always this argument fails to recognize that nobody is protecting the life of the child.  It’s all about the woman.  The blob of cells isn’t a human is it?  Nonsense.  Any scientist in the land will tell you that life begins at conception but,  “to hell with the scientists….we want death!”  3500 ( and more ) children are being slaughtered in the United States every single day of this land under the guise of “choice.”  We shall reap what we sow.

  • jennifer-starr

    Women already know about their bodies–they don’t need ‘pro-life’ legislators  to tell them. 

  • therealistmom

    It’s the alleged pro-lifers who want to allow doctors to lie about a woman’s pregnancy, and not tell her if the fetus has a fatal defect if they believe the woman might choose to have an abortion if she had the information. It is crisis pregnancy centers feeding bullshit about abortion and breast cancer links, or resulting mental health issues from abortion, or loss of fertility. Real doctors, OB-GYNs, and associated health professionals such as nurses working in legitimate health centers give women the REAL facts about her body, and about pregnancy. They aren’t the ones saying “no woman ever needs an abortion to survive”, or giving them inaccurate pictures of cute widdle babies at 9 weeks. Women DO know about their bodies, and what the DON’T know they get from legitimate professionals.

  • thalwen

    Actually abortion keeps us from reaping what we sow.

    Life doesn’t start at conception. Life exists before and after conception, any scientist will tell you that! (because they’re scientists, not anti-choice cranks) The question isn’t when does life start, it is when does life start (and cease) to have rights.

    And a foetus isn’t a child. If a foetus and a child were the same, anti-choicers wouldn’t be trying to deny rights and benefits(including the right to life) to real, born children.

  • crowepps

    ANd if women actually *can’t* cope, there’s always Medicaid and welfare, right?

    The latest Health and Human Services Commission projections being circulated among Texas lawmakers indicate that during the 2014-15 biennium, poor women will deliver an estimated 23,760 more babies than they would have, as a result of their reduced access to state-subsidized birth control. The additional cost to taxpayers is expected to be as much as $273 million — $103 million to $108 million to the state’s general revenue budget alone — and the bulk of it is the cost of caring for those infants under Medicaid.


  • fiona-carmody

    Thanks for pointing this out! It should read correctly now.

  • give-em-hell-mary

    And how many “baby” tampon funerals have you attended this week, mother killer?  If you believed your own crap, you’d be criminalizing Jesus himself for serving abortifacient miracle wine to the Cana bride!  You’d be knocking abortifacient coffee out of every fertile woman’s hand, and turning yourself in to the fetal police for previously participating in such wanton “baby” flushing yourself.  Never mind that God/Goddess gave us women 450+ abortifacient plants to save ourselves from childbirth bladder and bowel incontinence, beatings by looksist jerks like you, and to deprive pedophile priests of unlimited victims.

  • jruwaldt

    Actually, a lot of people seem to think women can’t handle careers and family. Witness the spate of books and articles about the “opt-out revolution.” Of course, these are upper-class women, who can get by on their husbands’ income. However, plenty of people feel that women have to choose between the two, and most of those feel that family is definitely the one that they should choose.