• michelle-mesick

    I wonder how people would react if this were a show about women who regretted the physical, financial and emotional sacrifices they made when they gave birth? Could you imagine the backlash? I hope these women acknowledge that their experiences are not universal and should not further legislation affecting all females capable of ovulating. I realize that may be too much to hope for.


  • crowepps

    There sure are a lot of letters there about greedy children, criminal children, children on drugs, children who make their mothers’ old age miserable –

  • maryanna-price

    I know, and have known since I was old enough to think about motherhood (depressingly young, thanks to our forcibly pronatalist culture), that getting an abortion would be the choice I would take, without meditation, prayer or guilt. Some women want to be mothers and others don’t. Some want to be mothers later, some never want to be. All the options are okay. No amount of shaming, cajoling, public ridicule, propaganda, coercion or media presence will make me feel otherwise.

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