Anti-Choice Reality TV Show Shames Women Who Don’t Feel Guilty About Their Abortion

It’s becoming an endless cycle: most of the women speaking out about abortions say they regret having them, so anti-choice activists get to say all women regret them. When women say they had abortions and it was the right decision for them, they get shamed and bullied and talked down in an attempt to silence them. Then, anti-choice activists once more claim that all woman regret abortions because every woman who talks about her abortion says she regrets it.

Now, it’s coming to a television near you.

LiveAction announced a new reality tv show that will follow “post-abortive women” who are seeking “healing and self-forgiveness.”

Continuing the lie that abortion is no big deal keeps women locked in their emotions, unable to move on and forgive themselves. Telling women to be proud of something that they truly regret, something that deeply wounded them, only perpetuates their pain. Once again, their raw feelings of failure, like those they felt when they sought the abortion, are being brought to the surface.

Post-abortive women do need to talk about their choice. However, they don’t need to be and shouldn’t pretend to be proud of it. What they need is understanding and acceptance, as well as the ability to heal and forgive themselves. “Surrender the Secret” is a step in that direction for America.

One in three women have had an abortion. Millions of women have abortions and do not feel “deeply wounded.” But if a woman says that, she is told she should feel ashamed of herself.

No wonder abortion stigma is so rampant.

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  • michelle-mesick

    I wonder how people would react if this were a show about women who regretted the physical, financial and emotional sacrifices they made when they gave birth? Could you imagine the backlash? I hope these women acknowledge that their experiences are not universal and should not further legislation affecting all females capable of ovulating. I realize that may be too much to hope for.


  • crowepps

    There sure are a lot of letters there about greedy children, criminal children, children on drugs, children who make their mothers’ old age miserable —

  • maryanna-price

    I know, and have known since I was old enough to think about motherhood (depressingly young, thanks to our forcibly pronatalist culture), that getting an abortion would be the choice I would take, without meditation, prayer or guilt. Some women want to be mothers and others don’t. Some want to be mothers later, some never want to be. All the options are okay. No amount of shaming, cajoling, public ridicule, propaganda, coercion or media presence will make me feel otherwise.