British Minister Says “People’s Views” Are Why Abortion Limit Should Be Rolled Back

British Minister of Women Maria Miller is continuing her public relations campaign to roll back the country’s legal limit for having an abortion from 24 weeks to 20. Unlike those in the United States, however, Miller isn’t trying to cloak her attempts in disproven scientific data or anti-choice physicians’ pseudo-clinical claims. No, Miller says the abortion should be cut off at 20 weeks because “people” like the idea.

Via Daily Mail:

Speaking on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour yesterday, Mrs Miller said: ‘I want to make sure that the law keeps pace with people’s views on this issue.’

‘Whether it’s to do with medics, whether it’s to do with women themselves, whether it’s to do with children’s health, it’s a small reduction which I think would go a long way to make sure that there’s a pressure on the medical profession to keep evolving the way that they assess neonatal health and the way they assess maternal health as well.’

By “peoples’ views” Miller is obviously referring to her own subset of anti-choice activists and politicians, but still, it’s a more honest approach then that of those in the United States, who erroneously claim that a fetus can feel pain at that point in development.

Miller claims that legislating medical policy off of public opinion is the best way to keep doctors striving to do a better job with their patients — a statement that in itself is utterly offensive to those in the medical profession. Even more disconcerting than her implying that doctors won’t work for positive outcomes unless a threat of legal action is eminent is the way that her words show those who oppose abortion that by becoming louder and more vocal, they can change medical standards, even if it harms women.

Emma Barnett writes in The Telegraph:

Mrs Miller and other MPs regularly talk about being concerned about the impact abortions have on women. However, what about the impact of their words on the growing number of anti-abortion protestors congregating outside of the clinics across the countries on women going through this difficult and emotional process?

There is currently an upsurge in the number of pro-life protests happening outside abortion clinics across the UK. “These comments by the ministers embolden the anti-abortion protestors and give their actions a sense of legitimacy,” explained Clare Murphy of BPAS.

“It spurs them on to shout at women on their way to have an abortion that their actions are immoral and wrong…abortion is a fundamental part of women’s reproductive health and yet it still remains a very stigmatised area of healthcare.”

There is little doubt that the anti-choice war on women’s rights has come loudly to the U.K. and is escalating rapidly. The only question is whether those who oppose abortion will try to wrap themselves in psuedo-science, or if they will just continue pretending that they are expressing the “people’s views.”

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  • crowepps

    In the United States, there’s a pretty consistent minority of approximately 15% that are pushing for abortion to be banned, and perhaps another 15% who want it more strictly regulated.  There isn’t any obligation that I’m aware of for the other 70% of society to have to conform with their minority views just because they’re rude and noisy.

    Personally, I am 100% opposed to the religious view that all women *should* be mothers, that women ought to *want* to die with their fetus, that women who have pregnancy complications might as well die because woman who can’t have children are useless.  The more the so called ProLife advocates explain their positions and make their contempt for and dislike of women clear, the fewer people agree with their extreme views.

  • elburto

    The UK isn’t a theocratic dystopia. Religion is not the norm, most people are apathetic or openly scornful of it.

    The Church of England is dying, Catholicism is haemorrhaging parishioners, and the majority of Jews and Muslims are only culturally so, rather than actual adherents of religious practices such as observing dietary laws, or daily acts of worship.

    Abortion and contraception are free of charge on the NHS, and attempts by pro-liars to change practice or redefine medical terms are typically met with disapproval.

    As for Maria Miller, she is a waste of oxygen. She’s trying to limit abortion, yet spent the last few years removing financial and practical support from adults and children with disabilities, claiming that PWD were just too lazy to do things for themselves.

    She accused the UK’s disabled citizens of lying about how difficult it is to live with impairment or chronic illness. She knew all of this, she claimed, because she lives with her mother, who occasionally uses a wheelchair due to age-related problems.

    If her wealthy parent could manage without state assistance, why couldn’t someone with no income or assets?

    So, if anything, she’s increased the number of potential abortions. Women won’t want to bring a disabled child into the world if they know there’s no support, and disabled women who can no longer work, or afford to care for themselves due to Miller’s party of evil, won’t be able to take a positive, or even ambivalent position, if an unwanted pregnancy occurs.

  • ljean8080

    beginning to euthanzise the elderly?Go to Google News and type in Liverpool Pathway.

  • crowepps

    You might want to read up on it yourself because it definitely isn’t “euthanasia”.  It’s a way of dealing with the end of life with dignity and respect when there’s no longer much hope.

    My mother had Alzheimer’s but actually died because when the indignities of her illness became too much for her to bear, she refused to eat or drink.  It was a very peaceful way to go.

  • ljean8080

    to it.But,they are doing it in some cases without talking to the patient or their families.

  • elburto

    If England is so great

    1. Please show me where I said “England is great”

    2. I was talking about the UK, not England.

    3. I would rather die under the LCP in the UK, peacefully and with dignity,, than have to suffer and die without medical care in a country that has no concept of the social contract.

  • ljean8080

    country that lets me decide my fate.would you want to be put on LCP without having any say in the matter?

  • elburto

    Jean – I require proof.

    How can dead people be complaining about the LCP? Also, families of sick or dying people often make claims which ultimately turn out to be untrue or distorted. They misunderstand what they’re being told. If a survey of patients who’d had heart attacks was performed, asking “Were you informed that you had suffered a myocardial infarction?”, I guarantee that the majority would say “No”.

    Stress affects the memory, it affects cognition. I’ve “remembered” things that never happened, people have been sent to prison on the basis of false testimony.

    My father in law died recently. We were told, by his consultant, that his death was inevitable. We were asked whether we wanted to resort to extraordinary measures to keep him alive for as long as possible, if we wanted to try other treatments, or if we would prefer palliative care.

    We were treated with the utmost respect and dignity, and he had a “good” death. No pain, no fear, no indignity.

    As for your hilarious statement about living in a country where you get to choose, OMG you’re deluded beyond belief woman.

    Americans have their care choices preordained by their bank balances. Your country is a joke! American patients are choosing India, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, and Eastern Europe for surgery and treatment, because the American system is broken.

    Free? You’re free like a zoo animal is free.

  • crowepps

    However, an audit by Marie Curie and the Royal College of Physicians last December found in six per cent of cases, patients or their families were not told of the decision to use the LCP.

    Rephrased: In 94% of cases, patients or their families discussed the decision to use the LCP with medical staff.

  • ljean8080

    now used by elderly and disabled.Soon open to all.

  • colleen

    I take it then that you have no proof?

  • give-em-hell-mary

    The RCC already uses fetuses to murder women without the women’s consent.  The corporate profit-serving GOP already runs death panels by denying essential health care.

  • give-em-hell-mary

    I know plenty of disabled unemployed who can’t access Medicare!

  • ljean8080

    JUST what has been reported  by ALL THE UK  newspapper. some of the people complaining are doctors themselves.One said his patient was put on the pathway while he was away by a doctor who never examined the patient.

  • ljean8080

    to be on Medicare.I’M on it because I draw off my Dad’s SS.

  • jennifer-starr

    Are you thinking of Medicare or MediCAID?  Because they’re two different things.