They Are Coming for Your Birth Control: Condoms are “Murder” and Contraception is “Rape”

Note: Think that anti-choice politicians and activists aren’t trying to outlaw contraception?  Think again.  Follow along in an ongoing series that proves beyond a doubt that they really are coming for your birth control.

How do you make an extreme anti-choice advocate angry? Suggest that not being forced to have one child after another after another after another might be a positive goal toward which to work.

Human Life International is aghast at the idea that global groups might think it would be beneficial to both women and their families that they have some control over when they get pregnant, spacing children far enough apart to be able to recover physically between births and actually care for the children that they give birth to. In fact, the idea is so upsetting, they are up at arms with the assumption that their tax dollars might somehow go to fund this — despite the fact that it would save money in additional medical costs.

Via LifesiteNews:

Declaring birth control a right means “everyone else must pay for…the new right” Clowes told LifeSiteNews, “even if those forced to pay for it may object to it on moral grounds. This violates the more basic human right of freedom of conscience, which has for some time now been dispensed with by UN ‘human rights’ champions.”

The UNFPA estimates “222 million women have an unmet need for contraception” and that providing this “need” will cost $4.1 billion.

Providing such funds, the report states, “would save approximately $5.7 billion in maternal and newborn health services” – an argument similar to that made by HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in the United States.

The article claims that IUDs and hormonal contraception both work to keep fertilized eggs from implanting, causing “abortions.” But even more interesting is the comments, where even barrier methods of contraception is considered “murder” of children. As one commenter stated, condom use is “murder in potential as much as a conceiveved [sic] fetus is human life in potential.”

The answer to avoiding all murder is still the same: sex only in marriage, and while using natural family planning. Anything else is “rape.”

Yes, you heard me, they are redefining rape again.

For those having sexual relations within natural marriage and want to regulate births, there is natural family planning. Those having sex outside of marriage, be prepared for an unfulfilled life where sexual intimacy is surrounded by unnatural, unreliable, and deadly methods of birth control and is typically an expression of consensual, mutual objectification- which, for all intents and purposes is a form of rape.

The only thing seem to enjoy more than defining rape? Apparently, coming up with new reasons to come for your birth control, of course.

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  • veggietart

    What they really are is “Fetal Life International” because they clearly don’t care about what happens after that precious life is born.  Increasing access to contraception saves lives–the lives of the women and the lives of the children they bear.

    And to equate using contraception in the context of a consensual relationship with rape is utterly disgusting.  Can we make these people go away?

  • thalwen

    So.. sperm not making it to an egg is murder? *cue “Every Sperm Is Sacred” song*

    I think the logical thing then, is to lock up all men. Even ignoring the genocide committed against millions of sperm with every act of “self-rape;” men as early as puberty murder millions and millions of innocent spermatazoa in their sleep! They can’t continue to get away with it!

  • therealistmom

    … then it would all be “legitimate rape”, and there would be no worries about contraception, because women’s bodies would shut the whole thing down.

    I just lost IQ points typing that.

  • euphony618

    Consensual sex outside of marriage is rape now? In wingnut land, sex is either only for procreation within marriage or it’s all hook ups and one night stands. Apparently having sex for both intimacy and pleasure within a monogamous but unmarried relationship where both participants are equal and enthusiastically consent is foreign to them. They see women as pregnancy slaves anyway, so the thought of women enjoying sex without desiring pregnancy to result must totally threaten them.

    Promoting condom and contraception use worldwide makes life better for women and children and decreases the spread of STDs. The pro-life worldview cares more about theology than real people’s lives.

  • uneasyone

    In my health plan, adding a spouse costs exactly the same as adding a spouse and 12 kids.


    What I object to is paying the enormously higher costs of unwanted pregnancies, childbirth and unwanted children’s health costs.  Providing free birth control to all who want it is much cheaper.


    What the wingnuts want to do is force all – believers or not – to adhere to their religious beliefs – which adherants to those beliefs don’t even support, given the opportunity.


    And BTW, the cost of caring for many of the children who would otherwise be aborted, genetic misfits who cannot long survive after birth, is incredibly expensive.

  • amyjane

    My sister and I have long since stopped speaking to each other in part because she believes this stuff. She is horrified that the ACA pays for contraception. I don’t want to pay for wars. Oh yeah I don’t get to chose that either.

  • freetobe

    So that means that choosing NOT to have sex is also murder according to them. I mean the barrier method is basically the same thing. Hmmm that tells me it is just sex in general that they are against unless it may produce a fetus from marriage.

    I read an interesting article in Alternet about how the churches, many different ones excluding the Catholic, considered abortion as NOT murder according to the Bible. It seems that one man decided to change the Bible. I wonder if he bothered to read the end of the Bible where it basically says anyone who changes the Bible is condemned to Hell ?

  • arekushieru

    They really need to look up words, because, if anything, the definition of rape consists of anything BUT mutuality. Idiots.

    “Declaring birth control a right means “everyone else must pay for…the new right” Clowes told LifeSiteNews, “even if those forced to pay for it may object to it on moral grounds.””

    Declaring abortion illegal means “women must pay for… the new pregnancy”… “even if those forced to pay for it may object to it on moral grounds”….  Of course, as long as they can get someone ELSE to pay for it, they’re all hunky-dory with it.  Which is the reason why they play the responsibility card, all the time.