Judge Mandates Mentally-Disabled Nevada Woman Continue Her Pregnancy

A Nevada judge has ruled that the pregnancy of Elisa Bauer does not present a significant danger to the woman, who is mentally disabled and epileptic, and that she will continue to carry the pregnancy to term as her legal guardians requested.

Bauer, who has the mental capacity of a six-year-old, became pregnant after one of her frequent escapes from a group home in which she had been residing. Bauer had formerly been on birth control but was taken off of contraceptives by her legal guardians, who said they were concerned that they were contributing to her problems with obesity.

At nearly 14 weeks pregnant, Bauer, who also suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome and life threatening seizures, had become the subject of a court room case when her doctor grew concerned that continuing the pregnancy could jeopardize her life and health. Bauer originally saw the physician when her guardians brought her to have her epilepsy medication adjusted so as reduce the risks for the developing fetus, which the guardians said would be adopted by one of six potential couples they had lined up once they learned Bauer was pregnant.

Nevada Right to Life has declared the ruling a victory. “We are pleased (the pregnant woman) will be able to carry her baby to term and that the court recognized that childbirth is a natural process and is the generally accepted course of treatment for pregnancy,” president of Nevada Right to Life president Melissa Clement told the Associated Press.

The court will now set further medical reviews to decide how the pregnancy can best be managed with the least amount of risk to Bauer.

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  • euphony618

    Oh, so a six-year-old can consent to sex and childbirth now? This women cannot consent to have sex in her mental state, so what happened to her was rape. And yet Ms. Bauer is expected to carry a child to term? Childbirth and pregnancy are dangerous for any woman, but especially for a woman who cannot even understand what those entail.

    I can’t even believe that women can be forced to give birth to a child when there is no way they understand or could have consented to sex or pregnancy and people call that a victory.

  • divine-oubliette

    Anti-Seizure and Bi-Polar meds are mostly teratgenic – meaning they cause birth defects. Adjusting the dose doesn’t mitigate it either, I have one cousin who is on seizure meds who is also ordered to be on Depo because the meds can and will cause birth defects, i also have a sister-in-law who is taking meds for being Bi-Polar, she has an IUD because the meds she’s on will absolutely cause birth defects. The risk of the meds are being downplayed and the parents religiousity is being overplayed, the merciful thing would be to terminate the pergnancy.

    How is it pro-life to cause birth defects that can be fatal or debilitating (physical, emotionally, neurologically, developmentally)?

    She may actually have been in less danger if she had been taken for an abortion than if she is forced to give birth. Birth can be traumatic at the best of times/circumstances but make a FAS, mentally retarded girl-child go through it and she could very well end of massively scarred emotionally and even more traumatized than the rape that impregnated her or the simple abortion she should’ve had.

  • ljean8080



  • crowepps

    A person who is profoundly cognitively impaired may not be capable of giving meaningful consent, and having sex with such a person may be considered either rape or sexual molestation of a disabled person. 

    So far as I’m aware, there isn’t currently any law that covers “deliberately putting ones profoundly disabled ward in a situation where they are at risk of pregnancy and then withholding her necessary medications in order to generate publicity for ones ProLife political and religious views” but there certainly *should* be.

  • colleen

    Right, because 6 year olds should be able to consent to sex and we’re just being prudish.

    so far as I’m aware there is not state in the union that allows men to have sex with someone with the mental capacity of a 6 year old. Did your Priest tell you something different?

  • crowepps

    It’s my impression that religious leaders in general think all women have the mental capacity of a 6 year old.

  • give-em-hell-mary

    And according to pedophile priests, if the same adult women have any consensual non-procreative sex, they are automatic “whores of Babylon” and “baby-killers”.

  • ljean8080

    but i have done research.there are retarded who are married.this girl had a track record of going to this truck stop and having sex for money.she had done this several times.so,you are going in on the anti-catholic bash.

  • ljean8080


  • jennifer-starr

    .this girl had a track record of going to this truck stop and having sex for money.she had done this several times.

    Proving that her ‘guardians’ weren’t terribly good at supervising her and that it was irresponsible, if not downright negligent, to stop her from taking contraceptives. 

  • crowepps

    Are you saying that if a 6-year old accepts money it’s okay to have sex with her?  I sure don’t think so.

    The fact that she’d done this before, and in fact that the police had been involved, would have motivated ME to get her into a different group home, since the one in question was obviously not sufficiently supervising her safety.

    Anti-Catholic bash?  The Catholic Church wants the right to kill my daughter, my daughter-in-law and my niece, even though none of them is Catholic.  The last time the Catholic Church was allowed to run things they ‘enclosed’ women in nunneries so they could control them and burned women alive.  

    I don’t think it’s ‘anti-Catholic’ to insist that this time around their candidates for martyrdom be restricted to strictly those willing to volunteer.

  • colleen

    but i have done research

    Apparently not enough

    there are retarded who are married.

    Not every ‘retarded’ person has the mental age of a 6 year old. Are you claiming that the woman in this article had a meaningful relationship with her rapist?

    this girl had a track record of going to this truck stop and having sex for money

    What is wrong with you?



  • ljean8080

    According to the group home records,she ran to the truck stop over and over.Her understanding of what she was engaged in might be greater than we know.IN all the stories I have read ,she was NEVER lured to the truck stop,she always went there on her own.she was told not to go there over and over,but the minute someone’s back was turned off she went.


  • jennifer-starr

    She had the mental capacity of a six-year old, which was why she had guardians and required supervision.  If she’d had more adequate supervision, perhaps this never would have occurred.  

  • arekushieru

    Um, you haven’t done your research very well, if you are unable to comprehend that children and adults with FAS do not typically understand consequences.  Meaning they are literally unable to make a connection between their actions and the consequences.  That you would victim-blame such a person shows how clearly anti-Choice Catholics lack in compassion.

  • colleen

    I assume at this point that you’ve taken in the fact that the raped woman has the mental capacity of a 6 year old. It does not matter how eager 6 year olds may be to receive money for sex and your weird, twisted attempts to hold her ‘morally’ or behaviorally accountable are revealing but not unexpected.

  • ljean8080

    she told her doctor she wanted to have an abortion.So now what??you can’t have it both ways.

  • h2ogirl

    Best. Comment. Ever.  :)  

  • ack

    Thinking about her giving birth makes my skin crawl. I certainly hope they can do something for her the second that first contraction hits. It’s bad enough when women know what’s coming and are going through it willingly, but to not even have the capacity to understand what kind of pain she’s going to be in…


    And I hope they find the asshole/s who decided it was acceptable to rape a woman with cognitive disabilities. 

  • colleen

    Tell you what. We’ll have a discussion on this once you learn to write coherent sentences and paragraphs.

  • arekushieru

    Um, yeah, never heard of six-year-olds parroting the words of other people?  That is a sick, sad excuse of a line.  It makes me want to puke.

  • ljean8080

    But,this is not like some man broke into her house.she may have the mind of a 6 yeaR OLD,but she has the body and maybe even the desires of a woman.

  • crowepps

    She has a woman’s body and feels desire and therefore what?  Therefore even though her mind is profoundly disabled, it’s okay for men to use her body?  Therefore since she’s having sex voluntarily she should be forced to undergo pregnancy?  This post sounds like you’re aggrieved it’s not ‘legitimate’ rape and therefore her disability means she’s ‘getting off easy’ because people are focusing on her health instead of her ‘sin’ and its natural ‘punishment’.

    Personally, I think her guardians were grossly negligent in taking her off birth control.  This woman of all women does not need to justify her sexual activity by a hypocritical pretense that her desire for sex is ‘really all about being a mother’.  Her guardians plan to whisk the child away and give it to someone else to raise.  Just how are they going to explain this to her?  Are they going to put her back on birth control afterwards?  Or does she have to continue to produce *more* children so they can pat themselves on the back about how they are ‘upholding morality’?

  • colleen

    but she has the body and maybe even the desires of a woman.

    This is precisely what her rapist thought. Again, what is wrong with you?