“Non-Partisan” National Organization for Marriage and Susan B. Anthony List Know How to Party

Some groups were helping with ground games. Others, holding war rooms. For the conservative political action groups National Organization for Marriage and the Susan B. Anthony List, election night was a chance to have a nice meal together and watch returns—non-partisan, of course.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

The Susan B. Anthony List, one of the largest anti-abortion groups, co-hosted a reception at Morton’s steakhouse with the National Organization for Marriage, where TV’s were tuned to both Fox News and MSNBC to show the groups are nonpartisan. Their war room was set up next to the party. The National Organization for Marriage supports unions between a man and woman. It was tracking gay-marriage initiatives in several states including Maryland, where the issue won.

It’s no surprise that the two organizations are “bedfellows,” if the phrase doesn’t offend them. After all, the two both basically represent the same biblically-based wing of the Christian right, and are the backbone for enforcing the Catholic church’s religious views in a political arena.

Luckily, they had each other for comfort, too. NOM failed to stop Maryland, Maine or Washington from approving gay marriage nor could they get Minnesotans to define marriage as being just between a man and a woman in the constitution. SBA List failed to get the president, governor or five of their six endorsed senate candidates over the finish line, winning only the gimmee state of Nebraska.

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